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Peter Moorhead
Social Justice Bard | Intermedia Artist | Sad Idiot | Occasional Writer | IRL Napstablook | Part of | #altgames
Social Justice Bard | Intermedia Artist | Sad Idiot | Occasional Writer | IRL Napstablook | Part of | #altgames

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Something I'm working on rn: 

Hey, this is maybe a little bit of a long-shot, but I was wondering if there are any UI or UX designers here who might be interested in helping me out with the interface design in my new game (for dialogue + interaction).

My main problem is marking out objects for interaction in a 2D plane. Interactive items are pre-defined (i.e. the player can only go to certain places in a scene and interact with certain things) and I've been experimenting on my own with various styles of arrow, outline, etc. with limited success.

The only real requirement is that it has to not clash with the overall pixel art style of the game. I'm also more than happy to credit (and pay) anyone whose design I end up using.

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Excited to announce that thanks to the people at Curve Digital, Stranded is coming to Steam!

Everyone who has already bought a copy will also receive a Steam key, free of charge.

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Finally went and rewrote my site properly in CSS. Still migrating content, but pretty happy with the overall look. ^__^

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+Cassidy James was right about the fake-DOF; this is awesome. I really like the new filters on the google camera too, perhaps even prefer them to Insty's.

(inb4: promo image for the debut ambient electronic LP I'm not releasing)

Wanted to share this, since I think others may have hit the same issue.
If running games often causes visual glitching for you (during or afterwards) try killing gala and starting compiz before opening the game, and then switching back afterwards.

I thought this was an issue with my (intel) graphics card this whole time, but apparently gala is also at least partly (perhaps largely) to blame. Does anyone know why this happens?

Additionally, is there any way to set things up so that this switch happens automatically?
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