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5 Days

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A Bird in the Hand
Following the post I made at the end of last year which discussed my reaction to having been officially diagnosed as having Autism Spectrum Condition (a.k.a. the Syndrome Previously Known as Aspergers ), I've noticed that there are a few misconceptions that...

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Cuckoo Thoughts
Do you remember the pointless lies you told yourself as a child? I do. I remember them quite clearly. They were harmless but very powerful and sometimes I almost managed to convince myself that they were true. As far as I can see they served one major purpo...

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A review of my new short story collection (now 99p on ebook and £4.99 in paperback at has just been put online by the British Fantasy Society.

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I have a new short story collection out (on Kindle only at the moment) - 13 dark tales for only £1.49. That's less than 12p a story!

“Captures the spirit of troll-driven message boards, cyber-witch hunts and divisive political rhetoric … this is horror fiction at its best” — Transgress Magazine

Discover the dangers of social media, the meaning of the faces in the wallpaper and the implications of first contact with an alien intelligence.

Encounter spirits from the past and visit future dystopias before returning to the nightmare of the present.

There is nothing to fear. Literally.

13 unnerving tales of of dark dreams and death.

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Battle of the Syndromes
Anyone who read this blog in May 2010 might have seen a post entitled Intellectromagnetic Spectrum  in which I wondered - having read up on some of the symptoms for reasons which are not going to become readily apparent again at this juncture - whether I mi...

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Speedy Boarding
I'd much rather get the train to Scotland than fly but it's just not financially practical these days. For some reason the main advantage of flying these days is no longer that it's quicker (although it still is) but that it's far cheaper. Time was when air...

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Confusion and Insomnia
Everyone has experienced The Confusion. We all know what it's like. We're on our way home from work after a long day. It's later than it should be. We're sitting on the top deck of an overlit bus. Outside it's dark and it's pissing with rain, the hateful hi...

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My short story "Gabriel's Ghost" is available online here:

(also includes short interview with me)
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