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Is it possible to prevent the build.prop file being overwritten when flashing a ROM upgrade?

I did a dirty flash and everything seemed to generally work but with some lag at times so I did a full wipe and fresh flash (Purity, GApps, SU). The phone boots fine but the Internal Storage seems to be hidden.

It's definitely all still there because it's visible in TWRP and if I install ES Explorer and enable Root Access I can see it and access it in /data/media/0

Why doesn't this appear as /sdcard?
/sdcard is empty but if I try and copy something from /data/media/0 to /sdcard it asks if I want to overwrite so it can see something (when mounted as root I assume).

Permissions issue?

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The Lowry Theatre 

So when will my Nexus 4 actually arrive? Disgraceful online ordering in the UK. No communication from Google to say why orders haven't arrived when delivery time frames were given. Sort it out. +Larry Page +Sergey Brin +Google Play +Google Play Store +Nexus +Andy Rubin +Matt Brittin +Dan Cobley 

G+ keeps telling me I have a notification when I don't. Annoying

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With Music!!!!!

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I bit the bullet and installed a beta ICS ROM on my HTC Sensation. I wonder how buggy it will be!
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