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It appears in my zeal to switch carriers when getting the iPhone 5s my cell service has been cut off. One last eff you from AT&T.

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Asian Girl Kryptonite.

Gùng héi faat chōi! 恭喜發財!

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Interfaith holidays FTW! So good!

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Hey, look! The government interfering with the free market means T-Mobile gets $3 billion, 128 AWS licenses in 12 of the top 20 markets, and a roaming agreement for 3G UMTS service to fill in the gaps. Oh' and people get to keep their jobs. Who would have thought?

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Be sure to come to The 404/BOL meetup at CNET Gotham. Register with the link below! Please share!

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Science wins again! The gist is that the physicist did not compensate for the various frames of reference of the neutrino emitter and detector, which add almost exactly to the 60 nanosecond discrepancy.

The Magic Bullet kitchen appliance does not work the way it does on TV :-(

iMessage is pretty damn cool. Now only if I can get everyone else to start using it... Then I could drop my text messaging plan.

I feel like Facebook is becoming like Windows Vista.
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