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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Net Neutralit…:
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Don't buy the IEEE edition of my book.

In January 2013 the IEEE Xplore digital library began hosting digital copies of 400+ books published by MIT Press <>. The IEEE copies are not OA. They're digital copies sold by the chapter. I'm sure that's convenient for some users, and it may also be economical for some chapters of some books. So I'm not criticizing the program as a whole.

My latest book (Open Access, MIT Press, 2012) <> is one of those available in an IEEE edition <>. The problem is that IEEE charges $15 per chapter (PDF-only). By contrast, at Amazon today you can buy the whole paperback edition for $11.72 <> or the whole Kindle edition for $9.99 <>. Moreover, the whole book is open access in eight different file formats <>.

There are other problems here too. My chapters use endnotes, which are all collected in the back of the book and sold by IEEE as a separate chapter. Hence, you could pay $15 for a given chapter and not get any of its notes unless you paid another $15 for them. Moreover, the IEEE flat fee of $15 per chapter applies even to very short sections of the book, like my two-page glossary. The PDF from IEEE is packaged in 15 separate files and will cost you $225.

If you want to buy the whole book, to support the cause, buy the paperback or Kindle edition from MIT Press. If you want to read the book in PDF format, read the open-access PDF from MIT Press <>. It's not only free, it's packaged in one file for continuous reading. 

I can't think of a single reason to buy a single chapter of my book from IEEE.

In fairness, IEEE made its edition available five months before my book became OA. At that time, you couldn't save $225 by choosing an OA edition. You could only save $213 by buying the MIT paperback or save $215 by buying the MIT Kindle edition.

#oa #openaccess +The MIT Press
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Mohsen Nosratinia

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I'm proud to announce the availability of the Persian (hejri-e shamsi) calendar in Google Calendar. Enjoy!
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Mohsen Nosratinia

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+Foreign Policy has joined Google+. Read their new list of Global Thinkers.
Our 5th annual Global Thinkers list went live today. We've identified more 100 individuals and groups who made a difference in 2013 as politicians, advocates, artists, innovators, healers and more. From Malala to John Kerry to Pope Francis, check out the list here:
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Finland plans to start teaching programming to everyone starting from first grade in 2016. First playing, then visual programming, then programming using real languages and mobile environments. Not everybody should be a programmer but everybody should understand how engineering works.

This book (in Finnish) is for teachers, explaining what to expect and where to get materials, courses and how to involve kids and their parents into productive development of programming and engineering skills.
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Larry wall on 5 programming languages you should know (and what is the modern equivalent of COBOL)
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Rob Pike - 'Concurrency Is Not Parallelism'
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Mohsen Nosratinia

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+Steve Wozniak on Jobs movie.
5 months ago exactly I asked you all what you guys thought of the Jobs movie that had just been released in theatres and I had the honor of Mr. +Steve Wozniak coming on to the post (original comment here
and commenting and explaining what really went on at the time vs what the movie portrayed. I chose to not watch the movie then, however, tonight I rented it simply out of curiosity it was so good to see it knowing his perspective and the account of how things actually happened. I want to thank Mr. Wozniak from the bottom of my heart for every bit of time spent working on creating Apple computers. YOU are the true force behind this operating system which I love so much bc it makes my life so easy.  Thank you for dedicating so much of your youth to this project. Honored once more to have such unique commentary from you on my page. 
Original comment from Steve Wozniak below

Steve Wozniak Aug 19, 2013
"Actually, the movie was largely a lie about me. I was an engineer at HP designing the iPhone 5 of the time, their scientific calculators. I had many friends and a good reputation there. I designed things for people all over the country, for fun, all the time too, including the first hotel movie systems and SMPTE time code readers for the commercial video world. Also home pinball games. Among these things, the Apple I was the FIFTH time that something I had created (not built from someone else's schematic) was turned into money by Jobs. My Pong game got him his job at Atari but he never was an engineer or programmer. I was a regular member at the Homebrew Computer Club from day one and Jobs didn't know it existed. He was up in Oregon then. I'd take my designs to the meetings and demonstrate them and I had a big following. I wasn't some guy nobody talked to, although I was shy in social settings. i gave that computer design away for free to help people who were espousing the thoughts about computers changing life in so many regards (communication, education, productivity, etc.). I was inspired by Stanford intellectuals like Jim Warren talking this way at the club. Lee Felsenstein wanted computers to help in things like the antiwar marches he'd orchestrated in Oakland and I was inspired by the fact that these machines could help stop wars. Others in the club had working models of this computer before Jobs knew it existed. He came down one week and I took him to show him the club, not the reverse. He saw it as a businessman. It as I who told Jobs the good things these machines could do for humanity, not the reverse. I begged Steve that we donate the first Apple I to a woman who took computers into elementary schools but he made my buy it and donate it myself.

When I first met Jobs, I had EVERY Dylan album. I was a hardcore fan. I had bootlegs too. Jobs knew a few popular Dylan songs and related to the phrase "when you ain't got nothin' you got nothing to lose." I showed Jobs all my liner notes and lyrics and took him to record stores near San Jose State and Berkeley to buy Dylan bootlegs. I showed him brochures full of Dylan quotes and articles and photos. I brought Jobs into this Dylan world in a big way. I would go to the right post office at midnight, in Oakland, to buy tickets to a Dylan concert and would take Jobs with me. Jobs asked early on in our friendship whether Dylan or the Beatles were better. I had no Beatles album. We both concurred that Dylan was more important because he said important things and thoughtful things. So a Beatles fan was kind of a pop lamb to us. Why would they portray us in the movie as Dylan for Jobs and Beatles for me?

And when Jobs (in the movie, but really a board does this) denied stock to the early garage team (some not even shown) I'm surprised that they chose not to show me giving about $10M of my own stock to them because it was the right thing. And $10M was a lot in that time.

Also, note that the movie showed a time frame in which every computer Jobs developed was a failure. And they had millions of dollars behind them. My Apple ][ was developed on nothing and productized on very little. Yet it was the only revenue and profit source of the company for the first 10 years, well past the point that Jobs had left. The movie made it seem that board members didn't acknowledge Jobs' great work on Macintosh but when sales fall to a few hundred a month and the stock dives to 50% in a short time, someone has to save the company. The proper course was to work every angle possible, engineering and marketing, to make the Macintosh marketable while the Apple ][ still supported us for years. This work was done by Sculley and others and it involved opening the Macintosh up too.

The movie shows Steve's driving of the Macintosh team but not the stuff that most of the team said they'd never again work for him. It doesn't show his disdain and attempts to kill the Apple ][, our revenue source, so that the Macintosh wouldn't have to compete with it. The movie audience would want to see a complete picture and they can often tell when they are being shortchanged.

And ease of computer came to the world more than anything from Jef Raskin, in many ways and long before Jef told us to look into Xerox. Jef was badly portrayed.

And if you think that our investor and equal stock holder and mentor Mike Markkula was Jobs' stooge (and not in control of everything), well, you have been duped.

Jobs mannerisms and phrases are motivational and you need a driver to move things along. But it's also important to have the skills to execute and create products that will be popular enough to sell for more than it costs to make them. Jobs didn't have that success at Apple until the iPod, although OS X deserves the credit too. These sorts of things people would have wanted to see, about Jobs or about Apple, but the movie gives other images of what was behind it all and none add up." #Apple  
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Delicious goat cheese and honey sandwich in a really cosy environment. Have to be back here again.
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Great vegetarian lunch buffet.
Atmosphere: Very goodDecor: GoodService: Very good
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