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Only 8 month lag time between games...LOL. Better late than never. Here's the next part of Pawn of the Gods.

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Clif is always interesting as are his current thoughts on war. This is a great backdrop for The Coming game I'm running. 

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Here's a quick synopsis of the entire MYFAROG library now that 2.6 is out.

Yup, lighting sucks, but I don't care.


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From his seat in Densewood, King Pericles of the Lexi in Prithenio has sent word that he needs 4 brave souls to help regain a lost artifact that will help restore balance to Thule. Being the brave soul that you are, you jumped at the chance to serve your tribe, May King, and gain some honor for yourself.

A trickster brought King Pericles a tale of a crown, the crown...the one for the rightful king of Thule and might be found nearby. Believing himself to be the one true king of Thule, King Pericles will stop at nothing to attain this crown. As the arm of the King, you will find this artifact and bring it to his feet or die trying.

MYFAROG is a game written by Varg Vikernes. Should you enjoy this adventure, please purchase this game from

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It's August 14, 2016 and a state of emergency has just been enacted. The PC's are SWAT team members assigned to protect Dr. Adam Gruber...the doctor who created the virus that infected Geoffrey Rodgers Eileem-Edelstein in Africa several weeks ago.

See what happens when the social structure further breaks down as the dead start making a real problem for those living in New York City.

MYFAROG is a game created by Varg Vikernes and all rights are owned by him. Should you like what you see here, please go to and purchase a copy of the basic rules there along with The Coming and other supplements.

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We are now a month after the events from Everything Is Awesome...Congress passed the Banking Liquidity Act taking away all public pensions, all social programs have ground to a halt, Geoffrey Eileem Edelstein has been admitted to NY Presbyterian hospital after trying to eat several homeless people.

The PC's are all graduate students at Seton Hall University and live in South Orange NJ. Their roommates dog has been missing for the past 2 days, but the neighbors are cooking something that with a strong garlic overtone. This is odd since they are all down to the last megapack of Ramen noodles and will soon be going hungry.

The Coming is a supplement for MYFAROG created by Varg Vikernes. Should you enjoy this game, please order the game from

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The first installment of a new campaign for The Coming. Our PC's are all traders with Goldman Sachs and they get a firsthand look what might happen when the SHTF.

To get an idea of what these traders might think about making money in this economy, please see "Buy the Dip". I laugh every time I view it.

Should you enjoy this video and want to play the game, please purchase The Coming for MYFAROG as well as MYFAROG v2.4 from Amazon. MYFAROG is a game written by Varg Vikernes.

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We find 4 brothers (The PC's) from a family that has been outlawed from the Obi Trites tribe in Skudia. Dur, the eldest brother, murdered a man and tried to hide the fact that he did it. When the May King handed down sentence, his father Odomir stood by his side and was banished as well. The remainder of the family including his mother Nia, twins Owl and Sparrow, as well as the 4 remaining brothers also stood defiant and accepted the banishment.

Now several months have passed and the family is in their yurt on the outskirts of Woodchop Forest. Dur tells his father, he has found the most beautiful woman living nearby and he leaves to win her heart. The day after this happens, Nia is playing with Raven (baby sister) where the wood is dark and lush. She turns her head for a moment and Raven is gone. Mother falls into a deep depression and won't eat. See what happens next...

MYFAROG is a game written by Varg Vikernes. Should you like this game, please purchase it from

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My most recent experience trying to sell my records on eBay.

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Tonight we follow Mike and Tommy from the first two play-tests as they make their way west into Pennsylvania after SHTF. They are joined by a 3rd player and they must decide where to find food and who to trust in Amish Country.
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