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An Animal Jam YouTuber and Blogger


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Hey there! I am going to start an Animal Jam Highschool soon, but when people from Jamaa come, it is always so unorganized! So, I have decided to make a string of events in this community for people who want to participate. But, please do not come if you are going to:
1. Advertise
2. Mess around
3. Keep talking

So, comment if you are interested! If 10+ people say yes, I will make the events.

(P.S. I need help making the school, so comment if you will help! <3)

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My first episode of my new Animal Jam series... Lost!

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RIM - June 29, 2015 - RIM RANT
Hello Jammers! Koala here, and today, we have another RIM! The Rare... Eagle Hat! Dark purple base, shiny light purple beak, and black and white eyes. I personally think AJHQ should be more creative with their Rare Item Mondays. All they do is take a store ...
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(Late!) Updates! Freedom, Llamas and More! June 26, 2015
H e l l o !  It is Koala here today and I am already in the freedom spirit! AJHQ must be, also. They brought in the Freedom Party, Freedom Plushies at the Summer Carnival, and Freedom Items at the Freedom Party! That's a lot of freedom.. New items (not the ...
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Sand Men!
Hello Jammers! How are you today? AJHQ seems to be having fun - they built a sand man! For only 950 gems (holy!) in Jam Mart Furniture, you can purchase a Sand Man! Only in one color, like most of the sand items... what a shame. Well, that's it for today Ja...
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(Hall Closet is me, this is one of my characters)
Originally shared by ****
Name: Ryan
Age: 17
Grade: 11
Bio: Went to Coral Canyons Charter Elementary from kinder to 3rd. He then transferred to Sarepia Public for 4th to 5th. He stayed in Crystal Sands for all of Middle School and now is in 11th grade. He is in his 3rd year here. QB on the (american) football team. He loves girly girls, but hates girly things.
Likes: Sports, gaming, and electronic music, girly girls
Dislikes: Girly stuff, shopping, sitting around doing nothing

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Full Name: Kylie Riya Smith
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Grade: 10th
Birthday: February "The Month Of Love" 17
Height/Weight: Average/Average
Personality: Girly, Bubbly, Wanna-Be Popular, She acts like a know it all, even when she doesn't know it
Goal in Life: To one day be Prom Queen, and be accepted by populars
Bio: Born in the late snowy season, Kylie was welcomed to the world. Wrapped in a pink towel, she was laid onto a small crib like structure. "We don't want your whole life!" Okay, okay, fine. In Kindergarten, she was sent to Kimbara K-12. After moving in Year 3, she now attended Appondale Primary School. Girls were already dressing way older than they should, and this caught on to here. She lived in the suburbs with her mom, dad, and brother. Moving again in 6th grade, she went into the big city - Jamaa Township. Now living in the highly populated city area,  she attended one of many schools - who knows what it was? Know, in her permanent (for now!) home, she attended Animal Jam Highschool.
Likes: Skirts, dresses, fashion, interior design
Dislikes: Dirt, mud, life without a phone,
Motto: "Girly is the go to."

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First name: Leah
Middle name: Marie
Last name: Williams
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Grade: 9th
Birthday: January 15th, 2000
Height (human): Average 5' 3"
Weight (human): 123 lbs.

Personality: Hardworking, stealthy, agile, loves getting dirty outside
Goal: To become a professional soccer player
Bio: Born on a snowy, cold night in a small hospital in Sarepia Forest,  Leah was born. Nurtured and loved my her family, Leah loved the outdoors and never took the "girls love princesses" stereotype into consideration. She hates pink, princesses, and thinks dolls are only good for ripping their heads off. By the age of 8, she already played 3 seasons of All Stars soccer, swims laps at the local pool regularly, is normally the most sport obsessed in the class, every year. She thinks school is very boring and often stated "lunch is my favorite subject". By age 11, she couldn't sit still for a minute. She often got in trouble in class for this matter, but at home her parents accepted her for her wild nature. Skipping to 8th grade, she learned to calm herself down in class. She still loved the outdoors, and practically flew out of the classroom when the bell rang.
Likes: Sports, outside, dirt,
Dislikes: Girly stuff, skirts, dresses, makeup, pink
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