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Jack Lamb
Meat-eater. Rogue. Once fell up a set of stairs.
Meat-eater. Rogue. Once fell up a set of stairs.

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Sometimes God is cruel, little Aggies. Sometimes he gives us what we ask for. "Breaking News: Joe Schad reporting Texas A&M is moving to the SEC. Announcement on Monday."

FSU joins the SEC over Jeremy Foley's cold, dead body. 

Oh, bring me home, Finebaum. #PAAAAAWWWWWLL

Need a haircut. Coif looking a little bit more Reagan-ish than I'm comfortable with. Got the mid-growth-over-the-ear-side-puff. Gotta tamp it down with some butter and Turtle Wax.

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Jesus is a raisin.

Thank you, Douglas Maxwell. Thank. You.

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Split/Second is a sublime and criminally overlooked game.

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30 Days. 30 days and then it's red-mist-and-glory time, people.

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Hey, +David Jenkins. Read your post, and no shit, turned around and saw this. I pictured you sprawled out next to it asleep like a fuckin' hobo.
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