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Happy First Birthday to our Benji Bean today!!! 

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Happy New Year to all of my G+ friends. Preserving York has been a passion of mine for a few years, and I want to make 2015 our best year ever. Would you read this to learn about the group and consider helping us?

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You ok? Always here if you need something... 
It's great who shows up when other people let you down.

I'll be just fine.


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First Broadway show.... #Newsies 

Many in York County have been wondering with great interest what the fate of the Historic Hoke House in Spring Grove would be. I'm excited to share the following message, with permission from the Save the Hoke House - Spring Grove, PA group, who will be sending the message out to their supporters in a few days... 

Subject: Hoke House Agreement Reached!!

Dear Friends of the Hoke House,

We are happy to announce that after months of negotiations, we have reached an agreement with Rutters to allow us to work to save the Hoke House!

1. Rutters has agreed to give the Friends of the Hoke House the opportunity to bring the house into compliance with the borough’s Property Maintenance Ordinance.

2. We will raise the money necessary to do this, and will manage the project. 

3. Rutters has agreed not to demolish the house for 3 years, provided that the Friends keep the house in compliance with the ordinance. 

4. Rutters will give us 3 years to find an appropriate end-user.

5. Rutters will continue to cut the grass, pay the taxes, pay for electricity, and pay for liability insurance for the property for the next 3 years.

The house will be brought into a “mothballed” condition - that is secured and stabilized, and will be “dressed up” to make it more appealing to potential end-users. The Borough has agreed that if we carry out the work plan we have presented to them, the house will meet the requirements of the ordinance, and it will not need to be demolished.

Within the next few days we will begin working on the house!

WE HAVE UNTIL DECEMBER 31 TO COMPLETE THE WORK ON THE HOUSE! This is a short time, but we CAN and MUST do it!

Saving the Hoke House depends on us! Now is the time to step up and make this happen! If you’ve said you want the Hoke House to be saved, PLEASE DONATE TO THE FUND ASAP! (To be clear, please remember that unless an end-user for the building is found by December 31, 2017, the house will again face the risk of being torn down. However, if the code violations are not addressed by this December 31, THE HOUSE SLATED TO BE TORN DOWN IN JANUARY!) So time is of the essence!

Preservation Pennsylvania is teaming with us to administer the Save the Hoke House fund. Donations to the fund are tax-deductible. We want to raise $10,000. Several people have already graciously given substantial donations, and many others have given small ones. When we reach the $5,000 mark the Spring Grove Area Historical Preservation Society has pledged to match it! We are not far away from reaching that goal!

One of the stipulations of the agreement is that all of the work onsite must be done by insured contractors. NO ONE EXCEPT THESE CONTRACTORS IS ALLOWED ON THE PROPERTY. Please respect Rutter’s private property rights! DO NO WALK ONTO THE PROPERTY AND DO NOT PARK IN THE PARKING LOT ON THE PROPERTY. You may watch the progress from the sidewalk or from the adjoining parking lots.

Several contractors have already been lined up to do the work. More companies and contractors are welcomed to help with the project. If you know a contractor, carpenter, mason. painter, electrician, tree service, or landscaper, please ask if they would be willing to work on the project for a day or more. 

Donations large and small are welcomed. Money over $10,000 will be used to improve the appearance of the house and to help market the house to potential occupants.

Checks can be made out to: Preservation PA. Please write “Hoke House” on the Memo line. Checks should be sent to:

Preservation PA 
257 North Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101

Remember, your donation is tax-deductible.

Together, let’s SAVE THE HOKE HOUSE!

Paul Nevin
For The Friends of the Hoke House

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After an absence lasting several months, the Preserving York website is back. The old stories are gone, but I'll be working to recover as many as possible. Read about its absence and where we go from here. Of course, there's some local history included!!!

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Our new pup Benji Bean would like to wish all the ladies a Happy Mother's Day, but he's a bit worn out after playing all day. Sorry ladies, maybe next year.

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On the hunt for Tastykake Chocolate Cremies. Anyone have leads? 

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BAM... Awesome photo of downtown #yorkpa  
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