Seek 6 Saturday!   #s6s  

1)  I really enjoyed the good vibes brought by watching the video on Laurence Tan!  I like that he does not follow one particiular book or script.  I try to be this kind of teacher who is driven by their passion for their students as people.  Mad props to him!

2)  This website I found on the list of resources for Joy Kirr.  Part of list of links made for Scaffolding for Resistant Students  It's pretty awesome.  Has math topics listed by standard and then links the standards to games and activities that apply to the standard.

3)  This site I found in the same one complaint is that I wish there was more diversity in the people delivering the info, but Know More in 60 Seconds is a pretty cool place.!/videos

4)  In reading Kira's piece about teaching with badges, the tip that struck me the most was to keep it low stakes.  I think this is important in general in teaching!

5)  This piece also struck me.  I find that the things that I am most passionate about or want to spend time changing are often things that upset me.  I am very passionate about racial and gender inequalities.  This is driven by my heartbreak over the issues.  There's a lot of truth in this article!

6)  I also think this would be a cool assignment for kids.  My students take some many gosh darn selfies.  It would be cool to see them taking pictures with a purpose!  I might tweak the list to make it a little more meaningful, but this could be a really powerful project!  Students are already interested in taking pictures for sure.  But focusing their photos would be new!

Alright over and out!
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