Hop in Landscapers!

I'll be moderating a circle for * The Jarvie Circle Share Project * along with +Younes Bounhar
The Circle, of course, happens to be for Landscape Photography. If you're one of those people who have a passion for Landscapes, feel free to join in. Others are welcome too.

The 250 most interactive people will also be featured in a Landscapers Circle

Be pro-active and you'll have one helluva chance to get Great exposure.

Join the group - http://www.group.as/landscapers/

Feel free to add as many people to the group as you may like. Yourself, a photographer you admire, a friend who may be interested in landscapes, *Just Go For It *

Read below for further information - https://plus.google.com/100962871525684315897/posts/iTknerZVJkL

Kudos to +Scott Jarvie and his #JarvieCircleProject
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