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More of the Same

I saw an ad for this car last night, which highlights its 300+ horsepower, as well as the "sex appeal" of having a female passenger whilst drifting around curves at the track (smirk).  The fuel economy on the "badass and impressive to women" version of this car is 17/25, and costs $39,200, while the other models supposedly get an amazing 19/29 to the gallon.

Why the hell would anyone spend $26k-40k on this car?

*Note: There's also a 2.0L 4-Cylinder Turbocharged version. I hope that turbocharger makes up for the small engine. If it does, I'd like to see what a comparable one does for my 2.0L, which is 1305 pounds lighter. The 2.0T version is just under two tons.

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Why the hell would anyone spend $26k-40k on this car?

Because you're an idiot? Insecure? Compensating for being hung like a hamster? I wouldn't want anyone I had to "impress" with car, clothes etc. I hate that kind of advertising, whatever the merits of the product.
Matt C
+Tom Moncho Indeed regarding the marketing, but I don't understand why anyone would pay that much when they could buy a similar model, like a Mustang, Charger or Challenger, let alone a foreign model, unless it's for dads still trying to retain their masculinity through their automobile choice. I'm all for people buying what they want, but they aren't making what I want.
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