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A short history of Irish-British relationships, 2010-2018.

An oddly short period, but Cameron came into power in 2010, and quickly shrunk the Northern Ireland Office in London. The rot set in, and third-rate politicians were put at the helm. Ireland was constantly exasperated.

And then Theresa May went into a de facto coalition with the DUP, thereby abandoning neutrality for Northern Ireland.
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Anonymous and without citation, but a plausible theory connecting Jamal Khashoggi's apparently agonising death and Nikki Haley's resignation. Horrifying if true.
Must Read re: Jamal Khashoggi
(Attributed to thank you +Cindy Brown for finding the link)

"“Jamal Khashoggi was strapped to a table and dismembered alive by Saudi Arabian henchmen on October 2. His blood curdling screams were broadcast to the outside world on his Apple Watch for the seven minutes it took to kill him.

The next day, on October 3, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley privately drafted her resignation letter. (Thank you, Paula Cobia). Six days later, on October 9, she submitted it to a stunned public. No plausible explanation was offered for her sudden departure.

"It was not until October 12, a full ten days later after the brutal killing, that the world began to even learn of Khashoggi’s disappearance.

It would take almost another full week after that for details of the gruesome ambush to publicly emerge.

What is clear, is that the American government certainly knew of Khashoggi’s killing before we knew, and most certainly in advance of the murder itself. Yet the past two weeks have seen nothing less than an absurd, obsequious public cover up from the president of the United States himself and top cabinet members for this gruesome ambush by the Saudi Arabian government of somebody Trump was certainly familiar with.

Pat Robertson of the Evangelical community has told his flock all the Trump talking points. That this man’s life and extrajudicial torture and assassination should not matter to us, because $100 billion is on the table in weaponry that the Saudis need to kill the Yemeni people with, and, as seems to be the new reality in Gotham, who could possibly know the truth anyway?

The worst part of what is happening is not Donald Trump. It is trying to understand the millions of people enabling this. The people who will send the same people back to let this continue while screaming about tyranny and the swamp and claiming some Orwellian moral high ground.

I never thought a party could take a trillion dollars from the treasury for their wealthiest donors, steal Internet privacy as the new electronic gold, end net neutrality, blame the massive deficit not on their tax heist but on your Social Security and Medicare then promise to slash those if re-elected, sell junk insurance plans to tens of millions and seek to take away insurance from tens of millions of others, imprison children literally grabbed from parents who are then deported with NO MEANS of reunification, put a man on the supreme court sexual assault allegations be damned, and cover up a brutal murder for a dictatorial regime for no proffered reason except to allow that dictatorial regime to continue genocide in Yemen using the weapons we were selling them.

Every day is a new lowest day in America.

Today is no different.

It is difficult wondering what the bottom might be.”
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'Japanese groups look to follow Panasonic out of UK'

The article cites 'a rush of inquiries' from 'companies in industries including manufacturing, retail and pharmaceuticals'. Because of

1) Brexit
2) the UK government's plan to reduce corporate tax well below Japanese level, which means that Japanese companies in the UK risk 'potentially heavy liabilities at home arising from Tokyo’s anti-tax haven rules'.

You read that right. A plan to lure businesses into the UK is backfiring and driving companies out of the country.

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Oh, a Tory minister speaking the truth, that's rare. Not that the rest of them will agree or admit that he's right....

Oh, and just wait for the tabloid onslaught.
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Shit Tories say #shittoriessay

OK, I simply can't post every single dumbass thing coming out of the Tory conference in separate post, so I am going to collate them. Chances are that anything else will drive me mad anyway.

Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt calls the EU a Soviet prison [1].

Jacob Rees-Mogg calls Lybia 'People's Republic of Jam Jar or whatever' [2].

God help us, Jacob is not finished: “What we need is not Canada plus plus, but Canada-supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, which as you all know is a word developed by a nanny and nannies are jolly good things.” [3]

David Davies: "You can buy your drinks in Belfast in euros and you can buy in Dublin with pounds" [4]. I would say trying to buy a drink in Dublin with pounds might be a singularly unhealthy idea, but thats just me.

Then there is Andrea Jenkins: Into the second hour of her speech Andrea Jenkyns calls for a new Royal Yacht Britannia to be built in the UK: "let this be the age of greatness, lets this be the age of global britain." [5]

Shaun Bailey: “We’re the most important Conservatives in the world because we’re Londoners" [6].






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"""Amazon has more revenue than Facebook, Google and Twitter put together"""

I'm fascinated by the many different interests that have banded together under the banner of antitrust regulation and reform. Some people want these companies to be smaller; some want them to be less profitable; some want these markets to be more competitive; some want these companies to be more obedient to the will of governments and politicians; some want these companies to have smaller market capitalisation; some want them to employ fewer people; some want them to acquire fewer startups; some want them to be treated as utilities and thus immune to competition as part of the state; some just want them destroyed or broken up no matter the consequences; some want them weakened so that their country's equivalent can have a chance to take the same role; some just want their profits redirected to local taxes so that can be invested in their country; some just want them to subsidise their particular industry; some want to rollback network effects that intrinsic to the way certain technologies work; some want them to be more active political actors safeguarding democracy and other vaguely-defined values; some want them to be less involved in the political arena; and some just want these companies gone so that the world will go back to the way it was before the Internet.

They all disagree on the nature of the problem as well as which companies are part of the problem.

The final contradiction in such a broad alliance is that they can't all get what they want and some of them are going to get the exact opposite of what they want. A lot of this will be driven by a blindness to the consequences of actions that feel right and the entire situation reminds me of that Chinese proverb "the enemy of my enemy is my friend...for a little while. "

Disclaimer: I'm clearly biased here but I'm not speaking for my employer.
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So thats it then. After 25 years of complaining the Brexiters have finally written their own Brexit plan. A 140 page document. And they are not going to publish it, because they fear to be criticized. Instead, they go back to criticizing everyone else, rousing some rabble.

There is no plan. There never was a plan. They only have a religious belief, based on an 19th century understanding of how a country works.

And at the end they will blame the Remain camp.

(Via @mikegalsworthy)
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Excellent article. They won't understand or get any of it, but this should be a must read for all the Brexiteers dreaming of a new British Empire. The world has changed, it won't be coming back. In the new world order the UK (or quite possibly sooner or later just England) is a minnow.
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