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On March 6th, 1869—143 years ago today—Dmitri Mendeleev invented the periodic table, a scientific building block that still serves as a foundation for groundbreaking research occurring today. At +CERN a world class research center and Google Science Fair partner, scientists are getting closer to answering some of mankind's most fundamental questions, such as “Where do we come from?” In this video, scientists at CERN tell you why curiosity matters, and why we should ask questions. Working with Fermilab, CERN will offer the Grand Prize or Finalist winner(s) (plus guardian if necessary) the opportunity to spend up to a week living the life of a particle physicist working at the high-energy frontier, taking in two of the world's leading particle physics research centres.

Read the newest Google Science Fair update on our blog ( and remember, the deadline for submissions is April 1, 2012.
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