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Computer-radio power supply.
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What mods needed to be done? My 25A PS just died and I have three 500W computer PS just sitting here.
+Bryan Herbert PSUs output at 5v and 12v depending on the rail. A rail is one of the cords. So the cord that supplies all your drives (SATA or IDE it does not matter), that would I believe is 5v! :)
Always measure your line with a multimeter before attempting crazyness like in this thread.
This would also mean you know how to ground yourself correctly and not kill yourself by putting yourself "in circuit" with it.
Also, generally I would not want to ground myself. The last thing you want to do is make yourself the path to ground.
All you need to do is unplug the PS and let it sit for a hour or so. All the caps should have discharged by then. Once you have it opened short the caps with a screwdriver to make sure they are discharged. and you will be safe. :)
Randy J
looks awesome
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