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Wayne Nelson
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Wayne Nelson

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Reflexology Hand Chart

Consulting a reflexology hand chart, as well as a reflexology foot chart, prior to receiving a reflexology treatment is a reflexology best practice. As a reflexologist, I feel it is my responsibility to empower my clients and the best way is to do this is to educate them and answer their questions. Viewing a reflexology hand chart and reflexology foot chart is a powerful visual. It engages the client and helps them to feel more confident and comfortable before, during and after a reflexology treatment. It piques and maintains their interest, and satisfies their curiosity. More importantly, it provides the impetus for them to return, which is beneficial for them and me.
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Wayne Nelson

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Benefits Of Reflexology

The benefits of reflexology are myriad and manifold. Those who have chosen to receive reflexology as a regular part of their health and wellness plan and/or their medical regimen, understand the benefits of reflexology and are living their lives in a healthier capacity. Stress relief, detoxification, higher energy, better circulation and an overall sense of well-being are but a few of the benefits of reflexology. In this article, I describe what you need to know about the benefits of reflexology and a few things you should know regarding reflexologists, in order to make an informed decision about receiving a reflexology treatment.
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Wayne Nelson

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Types Of Reflexology

Understanding different types of reflexology is paramount to selecting and receiving the best possible reflexologist, and reflexology treatment, for yourself. The benefits of reflexology are enhanced when a reflexologist is more in alignment with his or her client. And knowing what types of reflexology are best received by you - the client - and provided by the reflexologist, will virtually guarantee positive, healthy results from a reflexology treatment. This article describes different types of reflexology and how I arrived at the type of reflexology I now practice.
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Wayne Nelson

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Reflexology Relieves Arthritis Pain For Ten Year Old

This is an article of hope and courage about a ten year old girl who finds out she has rheumatoid arthritis. Initially, she and her family explore traditional Western medical methods to mitigate the pain and other symptoms, but soon discover the limitations and unwanted side-effects of that approach. Ultimately, they discover that reflexology is the only thing that brings pain relief. Reflexology can and does work wonders. I have seen many remarkable healings in my reflexology career and am always gratified to read about yet another success with reflexology.
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Wayne Nelson

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The decision to receive reflexology is a relatively simple one. However, which reflexologist should you see and what are the questions you should ask in order to get the information you need to make the best decision? All of a sudden, you have a research project on your hands and there isn't a lot of information available to assist you in your quest to find a reflexologist. This article provides the information you need to know so you can find the reflexologist who is most closely aligned with you and your individual needs. Follow these guidelines and you are all but guaranteed to discover the perfect reflexologist. To your health and wellness
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Wayne Nelson

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Reflexology And Reiki: My Reflexology Beginnings

Reflexology and reiki have been around for centuries. They are foundational approaches to health and healing in many countries around the world and relied upon for their addressing of medical conditions. I have been practicing reflexology and reiki for more than ten years and have come to know the potential and the power available from this combination of alternative healing. This article reveals my story and how I came to practice reflexology and reiki as a profession. Enjoy!
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Wayne Nelson

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Types Of Reflexology

My reflexology career has spanned more than a decade and, in this time, I have seen a great number and variety of clients. I have also been the recipient of reflexology. As such, my reflexology style has evolved from learning and studying the many types of reflexology I have discovered, researched and received. The types of reflexology from which I have drawn and have ultimately formulated my personal style and type of reflexology are myriad. I believe there are as many different types of reflexology as there are reflexologists. It is my hope, this article will provide some clarity and direction for those who are pursuing their own healing journeys and have chosen to include reflexology as a part of their path - whether to give or to receive... or both.
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Wayne Nelson

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Reflexology And Reiki: My Reflexology Beginnings

My reflexology career began with a personal and profound healing experience, and a call to action from a higher Source. Here I reveal how and why I entered into the field of Alternative Health and began my career as a reflexologist. Please share this story with others if you find value in it. Thank you... Wayne Nelson
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Reflexologist | Energy Intuitive | Personal Growth Strategist | Empowerment Coach
I am... Passionate, Positive and Energetic.
It is my daily goal to Balance the expressions of my Ego, Psyche and Soul, and to allow my Inner Child to sing, laugh and play. And to learn something new every day. This results in an unparalleled level of energy and excitement in all things.
Once I learned this strategy, integrated it and practiced it consistently, I realized it provided me with perpetual physical, emotional and spiritual sustenance for my Whole Being!
Implementing this strategy is one thing I do every day, and what I show others how to do. It is the foundational key to personal empowerment, high energy and vibrant health.
This is simple in principle, however implementation requires an acceptance of, and a commitment to Change. This is where the work begins.
There's a saying:
"If you continue to do what you've always done,
You'll continue to get what you've always got."
The greatest obstacle to Growth... is Change.
The irony is: Growth IS Change!
"Once you've made a decision, and have acted in alignment with the energetic contract associated with the decision, resistance dissipates. Universal Support is then provided and a Path To Completion is revealed."
Every situation and relationship holds the potential for personal growth. If we can discover and explore the meaning and mystery of every moment, this opens us up to the clarity of our Truth and releases the Promise of happiness and fulfilment.
However, rarely can we do this alone...
I offer my services to individuals who:
  • Understand the Need to Change
  • Understand the Need to improve themselves and their lives
  • Are willing to open themselves up to their vulnerabilities and face their fears
  • Are willing to do the work required to overcome adversity in order to ultimately emerge empowered 
  • Are committed and ready to embrace their world and enthusiastically re-engage in their lives.
I have had Dark Days in my life when I wondered, "Why me?!" and, "Will I survive?!"
I remember those days vividly and am grateful for them.
However, I prefer to not repeat them!
I draw insight from these experiences and share my own healing journey, in order to provide the insights and strategies for assisting others meet the challenges and overcome the obstacles in their lives.
My clients and I partner in establishing their Personal Empowerment Plan, which includes an Individualized Blueprint, a timeline for Architectural Objectives and a Goals Assessment.
We focus on Progress - not Perfection - and there is never any Judgment. Only an Honest Review of The Plan.
Phone: 206-788-7975
Bragging rights
I have 5 daughters and 4 grandchildren (so far) | My wife, Lil, is Absolutely Amazing! | I am a Lifetime Entrepreneur | I play a Mean Guitar
  • School of Healing and Enlightenment
    Balance, Humility and the Energetic Vibrations of the Physical World, 1958 - present
Basic Information
Dynamic Reflexologist. Personal Growth Strategist and Intuitive Life Coach. Metaphysician.
  • Self Employed
    Entrepreneur, 1990 - present
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Redmond, WA
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