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So got into the Rejects chat last night... Got a few things to say about it.

First it was fucking awesome to see Mikey again! I forgot how sweet all the guys are. It's been over a year since I last saw them and that's way too long. Way too long. I'd almost forgotten how good I feel after chatting with them, or seeing their shows. It makes me feel like I'm seventeen again, with stars in my eyes, a dream in my head, and a song in my heart. I don't get to feel like that hardly ever anymore. I work a shitty non-profit job making like half of what I should be.

With that said, I read some comment some kid posted about people only staying in the hangout for a few minutes and letting someone else in. If you're only there to quickly say hi then yeah get on and get off, but if you're sitting there actually asking questions then deffinitely stay on for the whole thing. I mean there were a few of us that actually consistently asked questions and there will be times when we can't get on. Sure I'll be pissed off, but then someone else will get a chance. I got on to ask questions, I got answers (not the answers I wanted, but answers all the same and I'm grantful for what I got). So again for the kids who just sat there watching and didn't ask questions, shame on you. To those who did ask questions you did the right thing in staying in the hangout for the whole time.

Next, I'm sorry to the fans from foreign countries that didn't get in the hangout. I gotta say, being in the states we sort of take it for granted that well we get to see the guys alot. I think I've seen them like 25 times, (I think it's that many times I've kinda lost track), and in six different states. I hope that one day you guys will get to see them live, or make a trip to the states to see them. I'm sorry I took the spot of one of the foreign fans, and hopefully the guys can rig up a chat just for you guys some time.

So, with all that said, the google+ thing not as bad as I thought it'd be. Although I hope they figure out a way for everyone to watch and listen even if we can't all get on to ask questions.

And wow this is super wordy. Sorry, again I'm old school. My first social networking site was fucking livejournal so I still just type what pops in my head. For any of the kids who were on the hangout last night and added me as a friend or whatever, if you read this in its entirety hit me up any time, I love to shae shories from the shows, I mean hell I've got tons, and going down Rejects memory lane deffinitely my favorite thing to do! I was seventeen when I first picked up the original release of the debut album, and I've been hooked ever since. Dedication kids. Pure dedication.
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