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Taking a Break | Update
Hey all! It's Chami here! So the blog has gone a little haywire right now and it won't be long till it is back on track. However, right now I honestly feel like a small break from blogging. I will still be posting bookish vidoes on my youtube channel: ReadL...

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Hello, everyone! So a couple of weeks ago, Ely and I did a post titled the " Mid-Year Book Freak Out " tag. It was basically a bunch of questions to summarise the past half year and anticipate the next half in books! I loved it so much I thought it would be...

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The Make Me Read It Read-A-Thon: RESULTS
#MakeMeRead has officially started in my timezone (well, it started an hour and half ago but I was asleep) and so I thought it was time I shared the results of my poll. So are you ready? There you go! My first read will be Days of Blood and Starlight which ...

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SPOTLIGHT: The Witches of BlackBrook
Today we're doing a little spotlight on Tish Trawer's beautiful book, The Witches of BlackBrook. This beautiful cover has been nominated for best cover, and Tish Trawer has been nominated for Author of the Year (Fantasy, Dystopian and Mystery).  I think we ...

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was tagged by my super amazing friend Dani of Dani Reviews Things to do the
More Happy Than Not tag. The tag was created by Shelumiel @  Bookish and
Awesome in response to the “What makes you #MoreHappyThanNot?”
question inspired by Adam Silvera’s debut  ...

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The Summer Reader Tag
few days ago, I was tagged by the wonderful Lori of Books o’ the Wisp to do the Summer Reader Tag . This tag originated from jessethereader’s video which is
called the Summer Reader Book Tag . When Lori tagged me, she asked that I used
different books tha...

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Meet my Love Interests (and by that I mean my characters' love interests)
I wrote a little post the other day about the main characters in my WIPs, and I thought today that I’d introduce their other
halves. Let’s just start, shall we? Oh, and I say ‘love interest’ because who knows
if these people get together? (I honestly don’t ...

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Australian Authors You Should Really Know
I’ve officially been away from home for over a month now. I’ve
had heaps of family ask me whether I’m ‘homesick’, and I’m honestly not. I
didn’t have a huge amount of people that I actually liked back home, so that
probably has something to do with it. That...

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Beautiful Blogger Award
A few weeks ago, the extremely lovely Dani of Dani Reviews Things tagged me in the Beautiful Blogger Award . I thought I'd wait until now to do it for two reasons. One) this was my next free day in our schedule, Two) in a few hours, I'll actually be traveli...

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Bookish People I Love, Part Two
I made this post about four of my favourite bookish people the other week, and I mentioned that I'd be doing another part because I have a long list of favourites. And here we are, PART TWO! Let's go. Firstly, the whole reason I needed a part two. The incre...
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