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Google+ Contact integration seems broken. After removing hundreds of contacts from Gmail that I didn't add, I get "Unnamed" contacts in my circles.. I Googled it and seems like lots of people had this problem with contacts syncing on their Android device. But this was web only. In the attached image, I hovered over one of the Unnamed contacts... and it was Larry Page! There is also a message at the bottom (not pictured) saying that this person has not joined Google+ yet.

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Came across Dustin Curtis' blog ( via an article in The Next Web. Great design, worth checking out (go into one of the articles to see). Plus I agree with his tweet.

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4,000 shards and 9,000 instances of memcached later...

Google+ Suggestions

1) I'd like to publish to a Spark (a "custom" Spark, I guess)

2) I'd like to add other people's custom Sparks to my Circles

For example, I love tech / science / astronomy articles, but don't want to push all the articles I find interesting to everyone who has added me to a Circle. Publishing to a Spark leaves it in the hands of the subscriber. Is it possible to do this now?

It would be great to have a Stream view with just posts, no comments visible by default, in reverse chronological order.

The current view, where posts come up to the top whenever someone comments, is useful, but I need to hunt for new posts among my circles.

Does anyone know if there's an alternate Stream view?
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