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I haven't played with my LightshowPi much since last Christmas but decided last minute to create a fun little experience for trick or treaters. Sorry the video is a little dark.

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The beginning of this song is pretty cool but once it picks up it fires too many relays for a cool show. Would be better on a bigger system/show.

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I may be a little paranoid since I melted a relay but I'm playing with the idea of adding a smoke detector to the LightshowPi system. If the sensor detects smoke it would turn all relays off and message me.

I found this:

Has anyone messed around with anything similar?

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Wooo whoo!! No fire yet! :)

This is a custom sequence I wrote for my pi to run when not playing a song.

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Damaged a relay on my outside test run. I guess I have a short somewhere in my icicle lights. They wouldn't flash off and as I sat there pondering why, it melted my relay. Lesson learned.

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My WebUI is now available on Bitbucket. It may not be the most efficient code but it works and is very easy to use.

If you run into issues with things not working, check that the folder paths and file permissions are correct.
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I stumbled upon a cool program called Twython which easily allows for Twitter integration into the Lightshow.

Adding something like this to tweets out a message when the song starts.

from twython import Twython, TwythonError

#Send Tweet About What's Playing
OAUTH_TOKEN = 'oauth_token'
OAUTH_TOKEN_SECRET = 'oauth_token_secret'


  extension = song_filename.split("/home/pi/music/", 1)
  noextension = extension[1].split(".mp3", 1)
  songname = noextension[0].replace("_", " ")
  twitter.update_status(status="The light show is now playing " + songname + " #Cityname #Christmas ")
except TwythonError as e:
  print e

** Note: My audio files are formatted Song_Name_-_Artist_Name.mp3

While using PiFM, my lights are firing about a half second before the song note. How do I go about setting a delay for the lights without delaying the audio?

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This is my Lightshow Pi WebUI so far. Everything is handled by PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
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I have a Web UI setup to control what song is being played but I've ran into a bit of a road block getting the songs to stop. What command is best to stop and reset the relays?
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