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FlaT TilEs

-Nova Prime
-Zooper Widget Pro
-Popup Widget
-Media Utility
-Grid size 6x6
-Hide everything
-3 Widget 2x6 and 2 Popup

MCS http://mycolorscreen.com/2014/08/23/flat-tiles-2/

File*  https://copy.com/une1TEVY1lTOXNBO

Buzz Launcher http://hpk.bz/EG0K

News http://drippler.com/updates/share/flat-tiles-home-screen

Here Donation Link http://goo.gl/89bZ1P
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Mark V
What about google music? Does it work with the widget on the screenshot? I really would like to be able to change songs with a widget :(
+Mark V OK, you need the app media utility and go to the setting and select this... Zooper Widget, coverart, sound progress and done! All work perfect! 
How do you implement the popup widgets based off the button touch, i have the popup widget app but am new to using the Zooper Widget and am struggling to set this up.
+Michael Fleming tap the widget to get into zooper config. screen/layout/--- find the correct line item --/Module on tap/find popup widget and select/create the popup.  after it takes a second to actually show up on the screen you drag and expand the window to the correct position and size.
thank you so much for the quick response, also i followed the directions you gave for setting up the media utilty and the coverart and progress is not forwarding to the widget
+Michael Fleming in the media utilities app open settings and check Zooper/make coverart avail/size 400/send song progress...... it sometimes takes a bit for it to appear
if you're not running the BETA Zooper widget then it may not work..... Join the BETA community and you can dl'd it and get updates from the play store.  Im running version 2.51 but there may not be another version currently ........ someone else may know better.
alright, requested the beta community, thanks again, Im running 2.5 right now
I have the BETA running and am wondering if there are any settings in google music that need be changed in order for the music utilities functionality to work, I have set it up as explained and the buttons do work, but the coverart is not pulled and the progress not showed as well as the play stop icons both stay visible, I've left it up for 2 hours now with music running and it has yet to update
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