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Silicon Berlin - The European Silicon Valley
Silicon Berlin - The European Silicon Valley

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Meet the new page, big thanks to +Sascha Boerger 

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Quote: Despite the lack of incentives and the entrepreneurial climate, which in Germany is bad overall, Berlin attains an impressive 2nd place in the category "Growth dynamics".

Heise schreibt auch drüber:

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Congratulations! This is a must-go event for everybody working in Web IT!
Hi there

We're happy to announce that #devopsdays #berlin 2013 is a liftoff!

Date: 27 & 28 of May 2013
Location: Urania - Berlin, Germany

Call for proposals is open:
We are looking for interresting mindset and culture talks and talks on how tools and technologie can support a #devops mindset. Bonus props if you talk about how #devops brings IT and business closer together :)

Registration is open:

If you are interrested in sponsoring, we are happy to recieve your paypal love here:

Hope to see many of you in Berlin.


Contact the organizers:
Contact me:@IngmarKrusch-

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It's time for another Berlin Open Source Meetup. This time we'll be meeting in the cozy Bateau Ivre near Kotti. We're looking forward to having some drinks and some good, and occasionally contentious conversation.

Again, this is a public event so feel encouraged to invite yourself and others. See you there!

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Every Silicon * needs to have a DevOpsDays event. Good that we now also get one in Berlin!
We are putting together #devopsdays in #berlin (the conference) in May 2013 and are looking for sponsors. If you are interested or know someone who is, please get in touch and/or reshare.

Sponsoring packages:
- Gold (2500-3000 Euro): 5 free tickets + a 'promo' spot during talk intermissions + the ability to have a simple table/sponsor presence at the venue.
- Silver (1000 Euro): 2 free tickets + gets you a few cool shoutouts, this is more of a support type of sponsorship. Just because you're awesome!
- There is also a Platinum sponsor package in the works

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Berlin worldwide 15th startup? I doubt that very much. I rather think that Berlin is way too quiet about what is going on here.

Please help to spread the word! If you want to create stickers or posters, I'll be happy to share my materials with you.

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Even Reuters talks about Berlin beeing a focal point for startup companies!

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New Logo, some more links. Use #siliconberlin hash tag for related tweets and postings.
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