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The paperless office used to be considered the pipe dream of the technology minded. A paperless office was going to be the next wave of the future, the way that businesses will run in the year 2250. But the future has come earlier than expected, and the good news is that it’s even been field tested: if you were hesitant to make the switch because you wanted to see how it was going to work out for the people who have already tried, the reports are in and the reports are favorable. There are many ways that ditching the filing cabinets and overstocked printers will benefit your business, but here are four of the choicest examples laid out for you.


Ink Is the Most Expensive Liquid in the Office

Ink may not actually be the most expensive liquid in the world, despite some infographic claims otherwise. Snake venoms (used to make anti-venom injections for people who get bitten) are fantastically expensive when thought of in terms of “per gallon”. However, ink is definitely the most expensive liquid that you use in your office life. Ink (just plain, black ink) costs an average of $3,330.14 per gallon, according to Techopedia. Everything that you have to print out is costing you more than any other office resource. If you wanted to leave your air conditioning on all night, it would be cheaper than letting the printer run for the same amount of time. Going paperless will slash your printing costs. That money is basically pure saved profit, as you’re not going to be paying to make the switch forever.

Return on Investment Is Extremely High

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Are there expenses associated with going paperless? Yes, of course there are. However, these costs are typically much lower than what you would expect. The average business is able to pay them off in weeks or months, according to AIIM. For a small business with only one or two locations, going paperless can be even easier. You can manage your inventory in real time which makes sure that you don’t sell that same beautiful hand dyed scarf in the store when there’s an order for it online. Not only that, but you can streamline the checkout process by offering to email receipts to customers and keeping the printer there only for the rare client who’s as wary of going paperless as you used to be. The standard setup for a checkout has moved from a bulky, several-thousand-dollar register to a cash drawer, a card reader, a receipt printer. A stand for an iPad replaces the old checkout counter. Without considering the cost of the iPad itself, the rest of this hardware can be purchased for less than $500. Between the money that you’re going to save on paper and ink costs and the fact that your work is going to be much more searchable, you’re going to be able to save that $500 very soon. From then on every penny you save will be profit.

Online Security Is Far Greater than in Person Security

Some companies are quick to cite recent cloud hacking issues to explain why they don’t want to store everything digitally. However, this overlooks the alternative: how safe are the documents that you don’t store digitally? A locked filing cabinet is a good precaution, but if someone wanted to force the door to your office they could make off with the whole cabinet, or just break the lock itself. When you store sensitive information in the physical world, you only have two locks: the lock on the cabinet and the lock on your door. When you’re working online with reputed companies like Shopify, however, you can put up as many levels of security as you like. A good virus protection will make it very difficult for anyone to access your files remotely, and strong, rotating passwords will keep the access to your sensitive files limited and the credit card information (among other things) of your clients safe. On top of that, you’ll be able to look at the logs to see who was looking at which files and when.

It’s Easy to Search and Find What You Need

Over the course of years, a business can build up a lot of information that becomes unmanageable with filing cabinets and paper. When you’re paperless you can search your own files to quickly bring up that projected sales report from last quarter to see where you went wrong, or you can find all the shipping orders that were sent to a specific customer. In fact, how easy it is to locate the information you need even outranks the money you save on the list of important features, according to Business News Daily
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Document Storage & Records Management
Is on-site storage of your documents taking up valuable office space? Frustrated by the inefficiency of your current document filing system? Looking for a more secure way to store your documents? Let B.C. Records manage your documents for you. We are the secure, efficient, affordable solution.

Increase Productivity.

By employing B.C. Records to do your document management, you will:

Reduce document search time
Eliminate the loss of information due to unidentified or misfiled documents.
Eliminate duplicate or partial records
Create a retention schedule by identifying document types and their uses.
Bar-Coded System

All documents for storage are bar coded and then scanned into a bar coded shelf location for ease of search, retrieval, reporting and managing.

Bar coding allows new box entries, search requests, retrievals and destruction to be identified and recorded in real time providing a continuous overview of the activity of your sensitive documents.

Flexible Retrievals

Requests for documents can be made by:

Connecting directly from your PC using B.C. Records web-based services.
Phone, fax or email
You chose the most convenient method and let B.C. Records do the rest.

Flexible Delivery

Since you never know when you may need a vital document, we give you a number of delivery options to choose from:

Same day, Next day, Rush 2 hour or Emergency 4 hour 24/7 Delivery
Fax response
Imaging (Scan) on demand and encrypted email.
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The convenient way to dispose of your documents with peace of mind…

Assigning the task of shredding documents to yourself or your staff can be inefficient. You also run the risk of having private papers end up in the wrong hands.

Add to that the recently passed provincial and federal standards on protection of information, and more than ever you need to know that your company’s documents are being disposed of securely.

B.C. Records is the name you can trust.

Established in 1989, our Secure Document Shredding Services offers document destruction of your stored documents and collection and destruction of your on-site documents.


We have just completed purchase of the 2011 Shredfast SF400STS (Saw Tooth Shear) Mobile Shredding Truck. This 33,000kg GVW Freightliner M-2 Chassis provides a legal payload of over 10,000kg with shredding throughput of over 3500 pounds per hour. There is no shredder available today without a screen that offers a better, smaller and more controlled shred size.

B.C. Records provides both on-site and off-site destruction.

For locations where on-site destruction is impractical or restricted, material is brought directly back to our facility in Burnaby and destroyed immediately by our mobile unit in our secured area located at the rear of our company owned facility.

A secure process from start to finish

The key to document destruction is 100% security. At B.C. Records we have taken steps to ensure your peace of mind throughout the entire document destruction process.

Collection of Documents

BC Records Provides Secure Collection Containers at No Cost
Locked containers range in size from 120 litres (75 lbs.) to 360 litres (350 lbs) for wheeled Schaeffer bins to attractive grey laminate consoles for office locations
Consoles are locked and have a slot in the top so documents can be deposited
Only bonded, uniformed B.C. Records staff have the key for the console
When it’s time to collect the documents, B.C. Records staff arrive, remove the full bag of documents from the console and replace it with an empty one
Destruction of Documents

Filled bags for shredding are returned to BC Records facility in locked vehicles to be shredded and recycled
Certificate of Destruction issued for all destruction services.
Tracking of Documents

All wheeled bins and consoles are bar coded and assigned to your account for tracking and billing purposes

Every company’s document destruction needs are different. At B.C. Records we give you the flexibility to adjust your pick-up cycle to suit your requirements.

Initially the frequency of pick-ups and number of containers is determined by your volumes and then adjusted as necessary
You have the option to adjust the schedule at anytime, or…
You may choose an on-demand service for unpredictable volumes
Environmentally Friendly

B.C. Records is committed to you and the environment: All paper records are recycled after shredding.

And it’s not just paper we can shred

B.C. Records Secure Document Destruction Services is not limited to paper shredding. Please call us for information on:

Hard Drives
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High Security Protection for Your Critical Data.

Fires. Blackouts. Flooding. Explosions. Theft. If any of these things were to impact your company facilities would your critical data be protected?

It would be, if you stored it with Off-Site Data Security Service from B.C. Records.



By using Off-Site Data Security Service from B.C. Records your critical data is stored away from your business location in a facility that’s designed to be safer and more secure than your company’s own buildings.

B.C. Records has recently purchased and installed the Firelock Media Vault which provides the highest safety ratings available in the industry.
B.C. Records vault is climate controlled to the strictest tolerances and monitored 24/7 to ensure that there are no fluctuations in temperature or humidity
Seismic activity within vault chamber is monitored offsite 24/7
Two independent monitored alarm systems ensure uninterrupted surveillance.
Automatic backup power generation ensures continuity of power to essential equipment

Short and Long Term Rates

Our affordable short term and long term storage rates make storing your critical data with B.C. Records a wise choice from both a security and financial perspective.


Bar-Coded System

All critical data for storage is bar coded and then scanned into a bar coded shelf location for ease of search, retrieval, reporting and managing.

Flexible Requesting & Scheduling

Requests for critical data can be made by:

Automatically scheduling the cycle for critical data using B.C. Records web-based services
Making specific tape requests via phone, fax or email
Flexible Delivery

Your critical data is scheduled in regular delivery/pick up cycles. However, you never know when the need for the retrieval of critical data will arise. With that in mind, B.C. Records gives you a number of delivery options to choose from.

Same day, Next day or 2 hour Rush
4 Hour emergency deliveries available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year
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B.C. Records Scanning Service provides full-service conversion of your paper documents into non-proprietary electronic images. On completion, we will be able to provide you with a software package or these electronic images can be imported into any other imaging system of your choice.

Our staff has been trained specifically in production accuracy and quality. Each document is checked individually for accuracy to ensure maximum readability.

There are many factors in determining whether or not to outsource your project. Most often, outsourcing these projects results in lower costs, better quality, and earlier completion. Here are some reasons to consider outsourcing your project to B.C. Records:

Cost/Production Efficiency – Our staff has specific performance goals for each project, and we are constantly improving our throughput rates. This means you get your project completed quicker, and at a competitive price.
Time – With a talented team dedicated to prepping, scanning & indexing, we have the ability to focus on getting your documents converted quickly. Because this IS our business, we can accurately estimate job completion times, making sure your documents are back to you in a timely manner to meet your goals and needs.
Expertise – Using B.C. Record’s imaging service means no hassles with personnel issues or learning curves when implementing a new technology. Most large conversion projects involve the skills of PC and network technicians. B.C. Records has talented technical staff to assist our clients in importing images and index databases into their imaging systems.
Equipment – B.C. Records has already made the investment in all the right equipment so you don’t have to! We use the latest sophisticated software and high-speed production scanners to ensure a high-quality scan job, completed fast!
Focus – Many in-house projects can be a distraction and time drain on staff and management. By outsourcing to B.C. Records, our customers ensure that their core business does not get sidetracked and the project is completed on time and within budget.
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We have just completed purchase of the 2011 Shredfast SF400STS (Saw Tooth Shear) Mobile Shredding Truck. This 33,000kg GVW Freightliner M-2 Chassis provides a legal payload of over 10,000kg with shredding throughput of over 3500 pounds per hour. There is no shredder available today without a screen that offers a better, smaller and more controlled shred size.
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