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Colorado Association of Libraries' New Professionals Interest Group
Colorado Association of Libraries' New Professionals Interest Group

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It's about time for another NPIG happy hour! Mark your calendars and plan to join us in Boulder at the Dark Horse on Saturday May 19 at 5 p.m. Hope to see you there!

Happy spring, people!
How many of you have applied for CAL Leadership Institute? If you wanted to, but haven't, you've still got time. The deadline has been pushed back to April 13th. At the very least, you'll meet some amazing people and find some wonderful mentors. At the most, you'll get a ton out of it, perhaps even a job?

Speaking of jobs, you've been watching them roll out on JobLine, yes? It's great to see so many positions becoming available again!

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CAL Leadership Institute is accepting applications! I (Erica) just graduated from CALLI in October and I have to say it was the perfect counterpart to my Masters Program. I was able to research a lot of the more hands-on, how-to-do-it type of things I'd wanted to know about in school but hadn't had the opportunity to explore. There were some amazing people in my cohort, some who had been in libraries for thousands of years and some who had just begun their library career. We met everyone in the state who is anyone and it was an overall wonderful experience.
You don't have to be employed in an actual library or have an MLIS to apply but you DO have to be involved with libraries (consultant, student, what have you) and you HAVE to be a member of CAL.
There is a monetary cost, but it's spread out over the year. It mostly involves transportation, meals, and CALCON expenses.
Now that you know all that, I recommend you apply! Here's the notice you'll see on libnet and such places:

Looking for ways to grow your leadership skills? Look no further than the CAL Leadership Institute (CALLI).

The CAL Leadership Institute develops leaders within CAL and the Colorado Library Community. During the year-long Institute participants engage in personal discovery and growth through a series of workshops, online discussions, relationships with peers, and mentors. A recent graduate said:

"My experience in CALLI was a catalyst for professional growth. The readings, activities, and discussions had a dramatic effect on my day-to-day work as a library team member. The leadership training played a big role in my career opportunities. Most memorable are the friendships and collegial connections I made statewide. CALLI made me a better, and happier, librarian."

The Institute begins October 2012, in connection with the CAL Conference. Applications are due April 1.

For more information and to apply please visit the CAL website or contact Elizabeth Kelsen Huber, Chair of the CAL Leadership Development Committee,

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First NPIG Happy Hour of 2012! YOU are invited!

When: January 27, 5:00-8:00 pm
Where: Rockyard American Grill & Brewing Company, 880 Castleton Road, Castle Rock, CO 80109-7512
(303) 814-9273

It's all about networking, visiting with people you may not have seen for awhile and having fun. We hope to see you there!

ATTENTION NPIG MEMBERS: Is there anything you'd like to share in the CAL newsletter? Let us know by the end of the day on Friday (12/16)
Thank you!

I need some help from you guys. I'm trying to find the person/e-mail address in charge of e-mailing information out to all LIS students at:
Emporia/Denver (you Emporia students should know who that is, right?)
San Jose State (I'm worried Sandy Hirsh is going to kill me if I keep going through her)

Let me know what you know and many thanks in advance.

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Have you been following Libraries in Crisis?

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PC Sweeney's blog post on making it from resume to interview:
There are some great tips in here!

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Have you seen the October/November CAL Newsletter? NPIG will be in the next one.
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