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I’ve been diving pretty head long into running services with docker. I’ve ported someone’s mineos and patched it to run in docker with a custom set of users. I have factorio server running. Even openhab running my meager home automation setup. Its the…

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So yesterday I ended up at helping judge a high school robotics competition organized by the local robotics group, but lets rewind a bit. In september, my friend Daruvin contacted me. He in conjunction with Penguin Robotics was helping to put together…

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I never know how to start these :) I’m off on vacation this week so I kinda decided to do a bunch of chores. Among those, I ended up going online and buying a bunch of bulbs, garbage bags, etc. Things I needed but wasn’t in a super rush for. During this…

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Soo cool, So much new tech I want to play with.

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I'm so loving the camera on the 6P

Metrotown has a very pretty christmas light setup.

Don't worry +Phoebe Thompson I'm pretty sure i'm not that patient -

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So while feeling better than yesterday, I had some fire alarm adventures this morning.

Descriptions don't seem to auto show up anymore, but I tagged each photo
2015-08-23 - Fire alarm adventures
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aww, my fallout shelter screenshots don't work on g+, ah well, it was mostly a test anyways

Men seem to get comfy pjs though...
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