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So +Adrian Bradshaw and I order something. It is supposed to be sent with DPD. We see it is going to arrive on a day we are both not at home. As we had problems with DPD before, we change the delivery date online to Fri, 10th Feb, when we are both at home - just to be sure.

On Friday we wait and wait and wait - the package doesn't arrive. Also no note in the letterbox. Online it just says that it "will be delivered the next working day" . So on Sat I call the DPD hotline. The guy apologizes and we agree on that it will be send to a package shop today. So far so good, no big deal.

Today I check again online and the package tracking still claims it will be delivered "the next working day". No note of a package shop, just our adress. So I call DPD again - turns out that the package is now "lost". Just like that. All I get is a lame excuse and the information that it is now basically my problem. #DPD #worstdeliveryserviceever #neveragain #DPDsucks

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yum! haribo OMNOMNOM

wow, the internet here is sloooooooooooow today :P

Ich habe heute Käse gekauft, um ihn in meiner neuen Tupper-Käsebox zu lagern!

freshly shaved, Ade and I are coming in partner look tonight guys :D

+Fabian Scherschel When will you come and get the Bowle tomorrow?

+Adrian Bradshaw +Fabian Scherschel OK, guys, starting to get ready, need to go past the cash machine as well so see you in 30 min or so

+Adrian Bradshaw next time I get a new phone, we have to root it INSTANTLY ;P

hmmmm - in the kitchen cooking jelly while +Adrian Bradshaw is off to the pub drinking beer. What's wrong with me ? oO
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