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The simple secret of success
Obama, Tim Cook, Steve Jobs, Jack Dorsey, Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart and
Anna Wintour – what do they have in common? Obviously, they are rich,
successfull and accomplished. But that’s not what we mean. It’s another small
detail that could very wel...

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No answer to your application? This is what you should do!
sent your applicaton and are now waiting for the company to answer. If you
don’t get any, you start panicking and automatically assume the worst: not only
is it a „No”, but your application has probably been too bad to even bother
with an answer. How...

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How to score during your job interview
best efforts have payed off, the written application was successful and now you
are invited for a job interview! So far, so good, but… the stress is just now
kicking in: How to present yourself in order to make a lasting and positive
impression and get...

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This is why your application was removed from the stack - 8 good reasons
definitely unpleasant, but your application seems to have been removed from the
stack of potential candidates and all you’ve got in the end was a message of
rejection. Or worse, no response at all, because oftentimes only those
candidates that have mad...

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8 ways to stay motivated while searching for a new job
Searching for a new job? Then it’s extremely important
to stay motivated. Easier said than done, sometimes. To make it easier on you
and help you shift your perspective, if necessary, read our little guide
featured below! 1. Let your loved ones know about i...

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The salary – European employees’ top reason for a job change
JOBswype asked – and 4800 users answered. The newest
poll initiated by the internationally active job search engine sheds light on
the reasons, for which employees would change their job. Not surprisingly,
amongst these the amount of the monthly pay still r...

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Main complaints against online applications
Online applications are increasingly popular amongst
companies looking for new job candidates. And for a good reason – this way, it
is much easier for HR departments to manage and monitor the whole application
process. Specialized software takes care of gro...

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Biztosan ismerős – vannak napok, amikor egyszerűen minden nehezen megy. Értékes időt vesztünk el ezzel és a ránk váró feladataink is csak egyre több és több lesz, valamint sürgősebbek. Nem feltétlenül kell így lennie!

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Having the Boss as a Facebook Friend
What should you do if you get a friend request from your boss on
Facebook? That’s a question that concerns more and more employees nowadays.
Trouble is, the answer isn’t staring you in the face: no matter whether you accept
or decline the request, it may ha...
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