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EuCham - European Chamber
Promoting the interest of companies doing business in Europe
Promoting the interest of companies doing business in Europe


Business Integrity Forum CEE 2016 - Business ethics: the key of success

EuCham - European Chamber hosts on Monday 28 March 2016 the Central Europe prime annual event related to integrity. 

“It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities”. This quotation from Josiah Charles Stamp, English economist and past president of the Bank of England, could be placed at the very basis of the upcoming forum held by EuCham. 

The event aims to promote and increase awareness on business ethics among key economic players. The previous edition, co-organized with Transparency International, featured speakers from Mercedes-Benz, KPMG, Raiffeisen Bank, Shell, as well as from diplomatic corps of Australia and Slovakia, with participants from 14 European countries. 

The event will be a valuable opportunity to share knowledge, expertise and ideas on how business success can be achieved through integrity and compliance, both in the private and public sector. Discussions will focus on companies decision-makers’ role in developing ethical practices across all functions and operations. A networking session will follow.

Information, collaborations, sponsorships:, tel. +36 1 445 1055.

Date: Mon 28 Mar 2016 at 5pm
Venue: EuCham Conference Room, Szabadság tér 7 (Bank Center), 1054 Budapest, Hungary.
The event will be held in English.
Application for attendance:
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Green Economic Forum 2015: From “Take-make-waste” model to the circular economy

Organized by EuCham - European Chamber, the forum addressed the challenges of the global economy's transition from the linear model, which is no longer sustainable, to the circular economy, which keeps the resources in use for as long as possible, then recovers and regenerates products and materials at the end of each service life.

EuCham president Mr Michele Orzan opened the forum by emphasizing the value of the environmental mindset, expressed widely in the community. The Ambassador of France H.E. Mr Roland Galharague outlined the temperature surge (4 to 5 celsius degrees at the end of the century) without any immediate action plans by stating “being green means more growth and having growth means acting”. One of the capable solutions is the industrial revolution, that would reduce and eliminate further damages to the environment. He also covered the key objectives and actions, that will be highlighted at Paris Conference 2015. EEA Manager Mr Stefan Speck focused on the EU legislation for long term sustainability in addition to the financial role of public funding, private funding and Green Bond, which are combined by public and private sources. 

The panel led by the Corvinus University Professor Mr Gyula Zilahy discussed on the transition towards the circular economy. ABB Country Manager Ms Tanja Vainio defined the new model as energy efficiency and high productivity, while LEGO HR Director Mr Csaba Toth indicated it as the supply chain’s restructuring or alternative materials usage (ABS plastic). As mentioned by Ms Vainio, transformation to environmentally friendly marketing strategy has leveraged the consumer’s behaviour. Furthermore, BEE Research Manager Ms Sarah Czunyi asserted the importance of achievable green commitments among the partners. The governmental intervention was indicated by Prysmian (CEE) CEO Mr Francesco Fanciulli in the panel. 

CEU Business School Dean Prof. Mel Horwitch moderated the second discussion, in which the financial aspects were the convergence. Both Budapest Airport Director of HSE Mr Gábor Szarvas and EcoBulpack Chairman Mr George Tabakov showed an optimistic view on the future of circular economy. Statistically, Budapest Airport has obtained the target of 20% emission reduction. Mr Szarvas also talked about the role of low-cost flight agency, which can play the crucial role for the success of green model. Besides, Levegő Foundation President Mr András Lukács explained the efforts of his organization in order to achieve the movement to new method although failures and barriers still exist. K&H Head of AgroFood Directorate Mr István Tresó expected the changes coming from young generation.
Green Economic Forum 2015
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The Palm Oil Conference will be be organized along the Green Economic Forum 2016

Application (free):

Sustainability and the truth behind the Palm Oil sector.

Chances are good that you have already used palm oil today. Palm oil is one of the most versatile raw material in the world. You can find it in medicines, snacks, cosmetics, biscuits, but also use it as a source of energy, for industrial purposes and as animal feed.

Regarding this incredibly versatile product some say that is causing deforestation and habitat loss, endangering key species such as orangutan in several parts of the world. Moreover, critics argue that its production is linked with exploitation of human labour.

The forum aims to discuss the realities behind palm oil production and its links with sustainability.

Location: Budapest, Hungary 
Apply to or call +36 1 445 1055.

The event will be held in English.
Participation is free for accepted applicants.
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EuCham meets Chinese automotive representatives 

On 22 Apr 2015 EuCham met the Dep. Secretary General of ChangChun Enterprise Confederation along with representatives of FAW, Chinese biggest automotive producer, and other logistic and automotive companies, looking for industrial cooperation opportunities in Central Europe. EuCham members can request detailed information on the matter. 
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Added photos to Turkish Business Seminar 2015.
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Added photos to Social Business Forum 2015.
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Added photos to Business Integrity Forum 2015.
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Organized by BIBCA - Budapest International Business Center Association in partnership with EuCham - European Chamber, the Summit is intended to connect businesses and investors from around the world with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Promotion Agencies and economic development decision makers from Central & South-Eastern Europe. 
Among the speakers, the former EU Commission Vice-President Mr Günter Verheugen, the former President of Hungary Dr Péter Medgyessy and the correspondent of The Economist Mr Adam LeBor will share their perspective on the political and economical situation of the Central and South-Eastern Europe.


Prof. Günter Verheugen, Former Vice President of EU Commission, responsible for Enlargement, Enterprise & Industry
Dr Péter Medgyessy, Former Prime Minister of Hungary
Mr Adam LeBor, Author and Correspondent, The Economist
Mr Marcin Petrykowski, Regional Head Central & Eastern Europe, Standard & Poor's
Mr Bill Pavleski, Minister of Foreign Investments, Republic of Macedonia
Mr Joerg Bauer, President, GE Hungary
Mr László Wolf, Deputy CEO, OTP Bank
Mr Imre Balogh, CEO, Probanka Slovenia
Mr Rudolf Riedl, CEO, Raiffeisen Evolution CEE
Mr Marios Klitou, Treasurer of the Board of Directors, Invest Cyprus Agency
Mr László Bocsárdi, Strategic Director Supply Chain Management, Siemens
Mr Michele Orzan, President, EuCham - European Chamber
Mr David Keresztes, Principal, Central Europe Trust
Dr Arne Gobert, President, Deutscher WirtschaftsClub
Mr Patrik Kovács, President, JEUNE (Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization of the European Union)

The event will be held English.
Participation fee: TBA (10% discount for 2 or more registrants)

Register: (indicate “EuCham” in the reference section of the registration for an additional 10% discount)

The event details:

Please contact EuCham to discuss partnerships opportunities for chambers / business organizations with BIBCA president Mr Istvan Szabadföldi:
+36 1 445 1055
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Application link:

Showcasing the Turkish economic players in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), the business environment in Turkey, and networking with the Turkish business community as an opportunity to promote the Turkish economy by sharing experiences and business cases. 

Speakers will come from diverse backgrounds and will include academic, political and entrepreneurial perspectives, including:

• Turkish Ambassador H.E. Mr Şakir Fakili
• Representative from Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (tbc)
• H. Bader Arslan, Director General, Economic Research and Assessment DG, Turkish Ministry of Economy 
"Recent Developments in Turkish Economy"
• Cem Velipaşaoğlu, CFO, Turktelekom International 
"Bridging the Continents"
• Mr Levend Arisoy, Turkish Airlines 
• Q&A session
• Networking and reception

Participating organizations and companies will be able to discuss investment opportunities in Turkey and CEE, sum up the accomplishments of the economy and how Turkey and Central Europe can form strong economic and business relations.

Participation upon confirmation by EuCham.
The event will be held in English.

Participation free of charge when confirmed by EuCham.
Venue: Yunus Emre Institute, Andrássy út 62, 1062 Budapest, Hungary

Information, collaborations, sponsorships: 
Ms Agnes Kovatsova, tel. +36 1 445 1055 or
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The forum aims to favour networking and the diffusion of ethical practices regarding businesses. This year, participants will focus on the importance of compliance and integrity to achieve business success, as well as on whistleblowing issues and data protection.

Side event: The Integrity Window — 1-to-1 brief advisory comprising professionals, experts and enthusiasts in the field — will provide attendees with an informal opportunity to share ideas, report confidentiality, whistleblowing issues and petty consultancy.

Companies, organizations and individuals are welcome to apply for participation at the event. Free of charge for accepted applicants. English speaking event.

Information, collaborations, sponsorships: 
Mr Henni Biskri, or
Tel. +36 1 445 1055

For futher EuCham activities, please visit
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