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Offline portal submissions with "Share via NIA Super Ops" broken?

My wife and I have been using Nexus 7 tablets to play, tethered to an Android smartphone.  The camera on the N7 is front-facing, and when in Ingress it reverses the picture, so it's not acceptable when submitting pictures. (I suppose we should submit that as a bug.)

When I try to to take a picture with the smartphone (with GPS location on and geotagging enabled) and Share via NIA Super Ops as I did with portals a few months ago, I get "The application Ingress (process com.nianticproject.ingress) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."

Has this feature been intentionally disabled?
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It's a bug on the tablet. Since it's all Google they should be able to use the camera as a camera rather than a mirror.

Regarding submitting with Ingress on the phone: I did that until I read that Niantic regards using Ingress on multiple devices as cheating - so I figured I could use the old method that used to work and that was much faster than logging in to Ingress.
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UI Suggestions for Portal Keys

1. Please have the name of the portal appear on each page. "What portal do you need me to upgrade?" "I'll let you know after I get out of this page."

2. Faster portal key card flips. Depending on screen size, perhaps an alphabet with some or all letters to click on, or a slider.  Swiping wastes time.

3. Something to think about for the perhaps distant future: user-defined key folders: "Hollywood", "Santa Monica Pier", "55 Wall" and so on.

+Brian Rose +Brandon Badger  #uidesign   #ingress  
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All of these get my vote, including number 4 from +David Van Cleef & number 5 from +Mark Griffiths 
My phone is pretty dire, often FC while Ingressing, but most especially when doing Portal keys. Whether its scrolling through in OPS, or scrolling through keys when linking portals, too much scrolling on portal keys is guaranteed to mess up my phone, requiring me to reboot.
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What is this

It's how we watch Ni's antics.
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Tuco Boffin

Discussion  - 
Venko, Resistance, Long Beach.

Glad to see there are real people behind the destruction of "my" portals! :)
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Felicia Hajra-Lee

From random googling, Hajra means "sunlight".  Felicia Sunlight = +Felicia Day , perhaps? She's a very talented ginger actress  with heavy MMO experience ( who could play Karen Strassman ( ) playing Devra Bogdanovich.

My brain hurts.
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Yeah. She was cast for the Thaler movie when it moved over to, I'm thinking either Sony or Warners.  Movie never happened.  I don't know whether her picture as Bogdanovich is a mistake, whether they look that much alike or NIA disinformation.  Something to figure out.
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Tuco Boffin

Discussion  - 
Is there a page of translations of the Chinese in Steven Brust's unauthorized Firefly novel "My Own Kind of Freedom"?  (The link moved - it's now at ).
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Thanks for the pointer.  I think it's just for the series, though.  In "My Own Kind of Freedom", first page, we get from Zoe's perspective:

"It was on this yongyuan bei ding wei laipigou de wanju world called Hera that he had noticed an overturned supply truck on a deserted road, and moved his command half a klick to the west and so outflanked what would have been an ugly, ugly ambush."

Later on the same page. "'Wo taoyan dengyideng. For how long?' 'A few hours, most like.'"

And much more.  I wasn't able to find these in the wiki or a more general web search. Google Translate is not impressed.
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Anybody else startled when their scanner starts ringing?  Nowadays I tend to forget that there was a reason I used to call it a smartphone.
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+James Pakele just one more xmp.....ring ring ring...
True story
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Were any NIA agents dispatched to Rome recently?
When Jarvis was seen on Maui, were his "acolytes" wearing funny red hats?
Will green smoke be coming out of a Vatican chimney soon?

There are no coincidences - only insufficient data!
+JoJo Stratton +Hubert Farlowe +Joe Philley 
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so, do we need to go to all the places that have the shards and collect them to reassemble (ala horcruxes - Voldemort are you and Jarvis old school chums) :)
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App update problem: tethering

Problem for me: I use Open Garden to tether my unlimited phone to my wife's phone-less Nexus 7 tablet using Bluetooth.  Before the update the N7 would simply start up and be ready to harvest and hack, just like the phone. After the update it takes 5-10 minutes after booting up for the N7 to start reporting and hoovering XM in the area.

Big waste of time for me!  It seems something in the server/client communication changed for the worse, as far as Bluetooth tethering is concerned.
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Late thanks for fixing this -- it started working again at the same time Jamba Juice rolled out and the new portals got their XM haloes.

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Combining questions I still have on An Exotic Matter #5 (

1. At the Ljubljana train station Devra meets David and Mika again, and lets them know she knows they were lying.  How did David and Mika get back to Devra's train?  She saw them get off in Munich, and I assume the train wouldn't have been there long enough for them to get to the Night Gallery and back.  I guess either they turned around and got back on in Munich (not going to the night club), or they found alternate and faster transportation from Munich to Ljubljana.

Devra was getting back on the train.  What did she do when she was off it, and how long did that take?  Was she just getting that cup of coffee?  Seems like it's the same train, since she "reboarded" it.

2. Dashiell Hammett is missing a "t" in the text.  Intentional?  Most of the other typos I've seen seem intentional.
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It was night when she was 50 km away from Zurich - we were told when Katalena was to meet Jarvis in her place (I don't remember the time), and from her musings it seems she doesn't know that Katalena and Jarvis were to be shot, so she presumably left before that meeting.  I suspect she left Zurich at night.  It was still night when she saw the lights of the Seehotel Kaiserstrand at Lake Constance, and early enough when the train arrived in Munich that it made sense for David and Mika to talk about going to Night Gallery.

Nice job on the timetables!
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Tuco Boffin

Dead Bin  - 
Found another passcode in "Exotic Matter 4": the name of the nightclub to which David and Mika are trying to lure Devra.  Same format as kaiserstrand - all letters.

So at the end of page 13 Devra's in Munich... presumably on the way to Zagreb.
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+Ben Branch I said "Devra's in Munich" because David and Mika got off at the next station (she saw them leaving the train on page 13), and they'd said the club "Night Gallery" was at the next station.   I said "presumably on the way to Zagreb" because the title of the chapter is "Zurich to Zagreb".  We know from the hotel she saw earlier ("Seehotel Kaiserstrand") that she's at Lake Constance (Konstanz), in the town of Lochau, Austria (confirmed by kaiserstrand as a passcode).  

Lochau is on a rail line from Zurich to Zagreb, according to Google Maps.  The next major city that looks night-clubby coming from Lochau toward Zagreb is Munich, which is why I checked there for the Night Gallery (or some variation of it).

That also tells us why Devra picked "Connie" as her alias - they had just passed Lake Constance, so it was fresh in her mind.  I checked those for plaintext passcodes, and didn't get a hit on them, but we might keep them in mind for future passcodes of the more usual #xx#<word>x#x#x variety if she sticks with the alias.
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Ingress PvP!

Cassandra and I (Venko) had our first taste of scanner-to-scanner combat this afternoon in Long Beach, CA.  We needed to pick up a prescription for her mother some time today, but we moved the timetable up when cog started taking down resonators at the Viking Station post office.  Our area is usually controlled by the Resistance, so it was up to us to Resist.  We each pumped all our spare XM into the two portals there, then headed on up.

By the time we arrived we found it was still under attack, this time by another Enlightened player.  Spiderbox took down several more resonators, I recharged the remaining one with a thumb as I paused at the stop sign, and Cassandra started hanging fresh resonators on as fast as she could.  There was an amazing amount of traffic there at the usually casual corner - people parked all around the post office and trying to parallel park on both sides.  No shop was open nearby - could they all have been there for the bunfight?  We didn't find parking, but the new resonators and massive XM recharging must have been discouraging enough -- both portals were still alive when we returned home that way two or three hours later.  I got lucky with a portal key, and was able to make a little field - +6 MUs won over to the Resistance!

We may or may not have seen our opponents - several of the people in parked cars or scurrying across the street had cell phones - but we certainly made contact with them!  That counts as PvP in my book, and was a lot more fun than getting kneecapped.

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Whoops...maybe I shouldn't have skimmed the doc. Check out
+Southern California Resistance

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