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Trevor Beyeler
Devoted husband and father. Dedicated project manager. Pursuing constant growth in all areas of life.
Devoted husband and father. Dedicated project manager. Pursuing constant growth in all areas of life.

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Day 342: Hardwood Floors
Hey there. Thanks for checking in. We're still in the process of finishing up. For the last couple months I've been saying "we'll be done in about a month." At this point we're looking at finishing up sometime in April, i.e., in about a month. We've just ab...

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Day 300: Exterior lights, and MAJOR milestone!
Saturday I just noticed that today is a huge milestone for us...Day 300 of the house build! Unfortunately, this is a milestone I never thought we'd hit, since I expected us to be done by now. Ah well, the more the merrier. We've made some good progress late...

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Day 281: Let There Be Light!
Monday It's funny how certain little bits of progress on the house seem to have a big impact. For me, its the things that start making the house more functional. We made progress in a couple of those areas recently. One of them was getting some interior lig...

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Day 275: Sheetrock is In!
Tuesday It's been a while since my last post...expect some catch up posts...sometime. Being busy on the house means less time to update the blog. We've had a lot of things happening lately and hope to bring you up to speed. One of the most exciting areas of...

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Day 246: Catching Up
Monday If you've been following along, you've probably noticed that there hasn't been much posted lately. Lets just say we've been a little busy lately. Fortunately, busy means progress. And progress is fun. Here's a string of pictures showing recent work, ...

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Day 230: Roof Moving Along
Saturday Today was a productive day to end a productive week. The cold weather prevented me from getting up on the roof for most of the week, as temperatures didn't get high enough to melt the ice and snow from the roof. Friday was a bit warmer and turned t...

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Dad 226: Cedar Siding Underway
Tuesday Over the past week we've had record lows. The high has been below 40 degrees for over ten days, and the low was in single digits this morning. Despite the cold temperatures, I've had a lot of help. Dad and Krishn came up last week and helped last Tu...

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Day 211: Roof Progress and Driveway
Monday Today we had another great day of fall weather. We were able to make progress on two fronts. Foremost on our agenda is the roof. It's part of getting the house weather-tight as soon as possible. Today were got half of the long 20 foot pieces on the f...

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Day 195: Roofing
Saturday We've been excited to get the roof going for some time. Now that we've got the underlayment on and have a spell of good weather, we're moving forward with the roof. We decided to go with a metal roof. We like the look of standing seam, but not the ...

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Day 191: Exterior Siding
We studied out a lot of different siding options. We really liked the hand-hewn chinked log look from one of our inspiration houses, but the faux log siding was both expensive and impractical. We also liked the natural look from another of our inspiration h...
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