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Anyone going to @PyDataConf NYC next month? I'll be speaking! My talk: "Data Science: It's Easy as Pyǃ" was accepted #PyData #Python #DataScience

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PyCon 2014: The Long Journey North --
My in-depth recap of PyCon 2014.

My moms response to me speaking @PyDataConf "If you have a tutorial on the Linux system bring it so I can finally learn how to use it."

The Google Reader clock is counting down! T-minus 10 days! Quick survey, what is your new news reader?

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Fullsize Google Now Wallpapers!

The actual artist behind Google Now's stock backgrounds has actually uploaded them uploaded to his Flickr Profile, plus some of his other artwork for everyone to enjoy. Check it out!
Google Now Wallpapers
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I'm officially a speaker @PyDataConf Boston! 

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NBC10 had a piece on AWeber this morning. See if you can spot me (hint I'm wearing blue).

Video and slides from my philly tech week talk on mechanical turk with Kelly O'Brien

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I'll be giving a joint talk with Kelly O'Brien next Tuesday with drinks afterwards!

Looking at a photo and deciding whether the person depicted is happy, angry or sad may seem like a trivial task for anyone to do. However, differing contexts and other subtle factors make it very costly for a computer to do the same.

Being able to analyze subjective information automatically is an invaluable tool for small businesses. This data can be used to shape business decisions and drive profits.

One way to achieve this goal is through crowdsourcing. In other words, getting a large group of volunteers to participate in a common problem and combining their contirbutions. Actually organizing, funding, and managing a project like this can be daunting and expensive, this is where Amazon's Mechanical Turk comes in.

This talk will explain how Mechanical Turk works and cover various ways in which it can be leveraged by anyone. We will cover use cases that have been successful, the mechanics of posting, processing and testing tasks, and specific tools for accomplishing these goals.
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