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Finding the right glass company
Finding the right glass company


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Choosing a glass company.
No company can be a perfect fit for every consumer so I want to give some insight to my potential customers on the glass business to assist them in finding the right one for them.

Cheapest price is what many are looking for.  Several of the companies advertising beside me are currently beating my price. If you need the cheapest price, find the companies that advertise that they will not be undersold.  You can make them bid against each other till you find out which one was lying and got undersold. Caution, many of these operate out of junk yards and if quality matters you may be disappointed.

Some people don't trust smaller companies because they may be here today and gone tomorrow.  This is a legitimate fear.  Some companies frequently change names or have ambiguous names so they are hard to track down.  Other companies are actually out of state and use third party subcontractors to do the labor.  To check out any company just Google the full company name followed by the word reviews.  Don't trust the cherry picked reviews people put on their websites.  The Google reviews are filtered and are screened to make sure that they come from different individuals making them more trustworthy. Doing this will also likely steer you away from the big guys.

If you have a high end car I recommend calling your service adviser and asking him or her  who they sublet their glass work to. Dealerships don't do glass themselves.  If you take it to them they will simply call their mobile glass tech and put a couple hundred dollar mark up on his bill.  By finding out who your dealership uses you are going to get an installer who is competent on that particular make and has the back up of a shop foreman who can help him with any technical difficulties.

Your windshield is a major safety feature of your vehicle.  It makes up a large percentage of the structural integrity of your vehicles roof and is also part of the air bag system.  Please take your time and research who you're trusting with your windshield installation. 

To find out more about me check out hope you have a wonderful day!


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