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Moods Some people are moody. You never know what you’re going to
get with them. Will they be in an angry or a happy mood today? It can be a bit
like Esther approaching the king, will I get my head cut off or will he be
pleased to see me? Outward things, suc...

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is meant by the word “revival” when Christians use it? I’m sure most would
agree that a rival has something to do with the movement of the Holy Spirit in
the hearts of men, women and children in any community, causing them to be born
again, i....

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Our Resurrection (in Jesus’ Resurrection) Introduction Have you ever wondered what is so special about the
resurrection of Jesus Christ? I mean, it’s an amazing thing for someone to be
raised from the dead. There’s no getting away from that. Yes, the resurr...

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The Great
Exchange in the Death of Jesus Introduction What could be stranger than celebrating someone’s
death? It might be understandable if people celebrated the death of tyrant. But
Christians celebrate the death of an innocent Man! An innocent Man died a...

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Religion ina Glasgow Pub
Religion in a Glasgow Pub Stuart:              My birthday was coloured by a
stranger in a Byres Road pub, where I was having a Happy Birthday To Me Pint of
Guinness. “Do you believe in
black holes?” he asked. “Why?” I asked,
wondering if this was some mann...

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Heroes With respect for the dead I walk silently past rows of their ‘tombstones’
in my library. ‘Quiet please!’ I draw closer to read the inscription on a dead
friend’s headstone. I am mindful that I now stand in the presence of the humble
but great. ‘...

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Outback I admit that, as a migrant, I was a wee bit confused with the
Australian use of the words ‘bush’ and ‘outback.’ To me ‘bush’ meant a small
tree or shrub and ‘outback’ was to be found at the rear of a house or building!   I soon learned that ‘The Out...

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The Summary of God's Covenant of Redemption
The compilers of the famous Westminster Confession of Faith (1647) spelled out what the eternal triune God, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, had in mind before He created creation. The Father promises to the Son a people innumerable, upon condition that the Son be...

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Are Trump Supporters Saviors of Western Civilization?
Are Trump Supporters Saviors of Western Civilization? I’m not here to defend Donald Trump. He’s a big boy and can take of
himself. However, I fear for the West. President Trump is a real
stick-in-the-spokes of the wheels of the Socialist/Progressive Utopia....

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Writers & Movies
& Movies Many Bible stories have been made into movies, some
successful, and some not. I tried once to watch one called ‘Noah’, but was
horrified to see how little resemblance it had to the Genesis story! I was left
wondering why the writers didn’t ...
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