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At long last, after some delays, I am pleased to announce the publication of the somewhat delayed fourth issue of Echoes From Fomalhaut! As before, this is a mostly quarterly zine dedicated to adventure scenarios and useful campaign materials for Advanced RPG rules. This issue features cover art by Matthew Ray, and illustrations by Denis McCarthy, Stefan Poag, and Andrew Walter. At 40 pages, it includes...

The Technological Table: Destructive futuristic weapons and sinister technological artifacts from Fomalhaut’s fallen utopias and underworld realms.
Revenge of the Frogs: A wilderness adventure module for 3rd to 5th level PCs. Certain doom awaits the dying port town of Silvash, and its only chance of survival lies in the marshlands, a place of bizarre inhabitants, labyrinthine waterways, and lots and lots of… well, let’s not spoil it.
Arfel: City State of the Charnel God: Dominated by a great temple-complex that forms a vast necropolis, death looms over Arfel like a funereal shroud. Yet beyond the haunts of the veiled priests and the silent palaces of a reclusive aristocracy, the alleyways are busy both day and night, and adventure awaits those who would explore the city’s mysteries.
Erillion, West: an article describing the western half of the Isle of Erillion, from lost places of pilgrimage to brooding manor houses, and lowly bandits’ nests to sites of high wizardry.
Also... a detailed fold-out players’ map of the City State of Arfel!

The print version of the fanzine is available from my Bigcartel store at https://emdt.bigcartel.com/ ; the PDF edition will be published through DriveThruRPG with a few months’ delay. As always, customers who buy the print edition will receive the PDF version free of charge.


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