The Power of Networks, an RSA Animate video by +Manuel Lima works for me on many levels.

First, the content is great, taken from a lecture[1] given by Lima in December 2011[2]. In a nutshell, he talks about how important networks are in understanding our world.

Second, the art work and animation is very well done by Cognitive Media. I'm reminded very much about lecture I attended the other week by +Jason Robb called *Draw More, Talk Less*[3], where the main takeaway for me was that you shouldn't simply show someone your finished sketch. You should re-draw it in front of them so they can see how it evolves. I can't think of a better example of this that this RSA Animate video, which you can find at

Finally, the finished drawing in its entirety would be very cool to see. Based on the "shop" page at it looks like a PDF will probably be available for purchase at some point.

I'm so glad I paused Hypercritical 69[4] to check out what RSA Animate is. Thank you to +John Siracusa for mentioning it.




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