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John H. Carroll
I am John H. Carroll, a slightly odd fantasy writer. I'm awesome, just ask me.
I am John H. Carroll, a slightly odd fantasy writer. I'm awesome, just ask me.

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2016 election and Star Wars
Comparing this year's election to Star Wars goes like this: Hillary Clinton is the representative of the corrupt Senate government. Things will gradually continue to get worse under her and average person will be used for the benefit of the wealthy until w...

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Book Review: Soul Bonds, Book 1 of The Circle of Light Series.
The Circles of Light Series The Circle of Light Series is an epic fantasy series filled with dragons, magic, adventure and everything wonderful about fantasy.  It is excellent reading for all ages, well written and edited. Book 1, Soul Bonds   Smashwords Am...

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Short Sell Hell
Selling a house Yay!  This will be an enjoyable process, yes? Sure, it will totally be enjoyable.  You betcha.  Bless your little heart. Making the decision to sell a house So, my wife and I decided to move our family one day.  Our biggest obstacle was sell...

Good article on traveling by land and some of the difficulties your traveler might face along the way.

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Book Review: In the Wake of War, The Ballard Chronicles Book 1
The Ballard Chronicles The Ballard Chronicles is the sequel of The Aielund Saga books written by author and artist Stephen Nowland.  Rather than painting his cover on canvas, the author worked with advanced graphics to paint his cover.  Love the eyes in the...

My characters have hijacked my story on an epic level. sigh They have decided that they would not go on with what I had planned, but instead, would stop and resolve a separate issue within the kingdom they're in.
This is a rather drastic change. I've made it clear that to do so would run counter the rest of the series.
They don't care. They're also hijacking my main character, interrupting her from her mission. They're changing everything about a key point in that missi...on to prevent her from continuing on.
They have promised to return the main character after she helps them. However, their story is going to take up the rest of this book.
Then we need to get to the original story line, which is going to end up being another full book. That means . . .
The Wyvern Trilogy is going to be 4 books. sigh I really need to take some time to figure all this out.

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5 years published
Becoming a writer I self-published my first book, Rojuun, November 24th 2010 at the beginning of the Self-Publishing revolution.  I had high hopes and low expectations as to what to expect.  I discussed it with my wife and told her that self-publishing woul...

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Cloudswept, Wyvern Trilogy Book 3, Chapter 1
Hello, "Cloudswept" is book three of the Wyvern Trilogy.  This is the first draft of the first chapter.  Please keep in mind that it will be edited numerous times before being published.  That said, I'm actually very happy with it.  It's somewhat exciting, ...

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My top ten favorite movies of all time.
A blog post about movies? Yes, I needed to do a blog post and I decided to do one about movies.  Plus, I'm exhausted and can't focus enough to edit.  Plus I just wanted to do something different. But you're a writer. Yes, but one day I would like my movies ...
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