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Oof. No thanks.
Snow tomorrow?

Don't be surprised!


The weather service said rain is likely before 10 p.m. and is expected to turn to snow by 2 a.m., if not earlier. The overnight low is expected to be near 32 degrees. New snow accumulation in +Boulder, Colorado shouldn't be more than an inch, the weather service said, but mountain areas could see significantly more snow.

Snow is expected to continue until about 9 a.m. Sunday before turning back to rain, the weather service said. The high Sunday is expected to be near 44 degrees. The overnight low should be near 32 degrees.´╗┐
Friday in Boulder should be sunny and mild, but a gathering Pacific storm system could bring a late spring snowstorm to the region this weekend.
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Kun Li
Oh no!!!! That's so bad for spring game´╗┐
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