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For my mother and father, married on February 4, 1950--sixty-five years ago today. If only they'd been granted that much time together... Mom passed away in 1986; Pop in 2003. They are always in my sisters' and my hearts.

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A pleasant surprise review for "Night Wolf," the teen edition of "Fierce Moon" -- and not a shill for the publisher, as far as I can tell; the reviewer is someone who actually knows opera, and I doubt anyone there has ever attended one, much less knows the history, ha! For the record, yep one of the downsides of rewriting an entire book in two weeks is getting snippets of history wrong, and I was off by two years regarding the size of the Olympic Theatre. But I'll snatch back credit for my ridiculously over-researched and accurate description of the Edison cylinder gramophone and the choice of the hero and heroine's respective neighborhoods, each picked from a census map to make sure the upscale hero's townhouse was geographically close to the heroine's grotty neighborhood. OCD for the win! 

Finally, the twist she describes wasn't actually intended to be that big a twist... I mean, it's basically given away on the back cover. She's absolutely right that it's intended to be suspenseful rather than a surprise. The true twist is the solution of the crime, and especially the motive. Well, hopefully, anyway!

Seriously, thanks to Sophie for this fun, positive review -- especially coming from a fellow opera lover who didn't even like werewolves!  (PS to Sophie, should you read this: fair warning that Fierce Moon is NW with added sex and a tad extra violence, as well as some minor backstory changes since the hero is no longer a mere 21-year-old Oxford prodigy. Sorry! Hope you like it anyway.)

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