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A place too, where picking cantarellus cibarius joy, I shared with creeps, which thereafter wanted to kill me-- a puite interesting reaction, socially, while offering an opportunity, exposed < partly > to participate at AfricanFriendsProject (**TAFPC-3C©de**)
especially, because, while I was training - under threatning and black mailing - her breed, the mother entered in my back < when I worked abroad > my marriage privacy...
astounishing, as well, the other participants.
0, 0

I didn't post my pro'pic Febr08 and, then why not Jan26 to the event, Google+ hangout with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar?
Why not a nice Winter landscape, from that suddenly possible download sequence, actually, while I tried to erase pro'pics posting ginger boy to share? Timing!

+shared {
how I struggled to survive my emotional self... ...I were setting Stone by Stone pressed each single one, imbedded into the Sand... I fell in Love with them, because they gave so much nice feeling by looking at them; and I imagined, how horrific there outcry of perceived pain they express going through Ones mark and bone - when crashed to pebble.
My fingers turned into Eagle claws, enabled to rip someones brain out through the skull; finally ! ...I plaid Piano three a half hours, inspired Musik.

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Dedicated to all Online Addicts

BLUE Nordic Orchid

"subtle filigree"
(flower 1,5cm)

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Healthy prosperous 2013
Malicious Vibs in the Skys and the Universe far beyond Newtron STAR's immaculate Super Powers,



There's somethings in the way, I would love to leave right here-- to just dumb it into that old year... let it be (eat'n by Chronos, like All of everythings will be)

social code


of what use and then again implement of so much mental strain on only a slide of one Info other, or less for a word exchange at once to disbute.


Nes pas, petit, Grand frer? Ce pas ca, tout le Gonnhorie de Alphabet?!

It hurts to speak a code for One, offending Another

reshared Yonatan Zunger's reshared
Sreek Menon's Post:
"in concern of a slained Rapist, by 200 Woman"

India shocked my cherishing mind on Culture first, when published, a man burned his Wife on economic reasons; India to my awareness, since Nehru in 1956s (560Mill), were far, though printed into my mind.

Afrika however, as such, since 1951 - opening my worldy eye - dominatingly fetched physically my attention.

The actual initiating comment, by Y.Z. embered the ashes of hope for comprehensive Sympathy.

Correction project (€ Mill. EU-support funds)...

( I hate myself for unprecise Info work! )

The Message is:
These Funds are made accessable for agricultural development Projects on the African Continent (perhaps other places too?) - such as mine - and, the actual cause (most propably) for the suddenly occurred disaster, as such Projects virtually did not exist, either such Funds until recently, as far, as I am concerned.

The End

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{shared spiritual Brothers in Treichville and Adjame/Abidjan

Anyone can untouchably do experience, as it pleases-- right from ones own imagination - without transmission, or permission gears - as it is protected against any attempt of it's violation from abroad to touch personal perceptions.

On the other hand, when one get involved with exrement, it is rather opportune to expect the taste of healthy Chocolade.

withALL [i!]+ :-)crying time on slander and well, only ...two 2events Octobodi,
or how unhappy total happiness make feel on guilt. I'd harpuneered an Octobodi from a reef wall, swam back out in the open, perhaps three 3m water above and twelf 12m beneath me-- still enrapped in hunting Fever and, suddenly he'd let himself in front of my mask, pierced on that pressure air harpune arrow! (???) ...he looked - my impression sensed - sadly into my eyes, meanwhile taking off mask and regulator
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