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Redesigning Learning Spaces #Timaru #In class Tasks #Wendy
Step 1
Overcrowded classrooms - with traditional furniture and teaching styles. E.g. Chalk and Talk

Step 2
Research and build a small group of people who are on board to implement change

Step 3
From the research create a purpose. The team will consolidate vision, budget and strategies to move ahead

Step 4
Share vision budget, and strategy with client base - teachers and parents and community

Step 5
Respond to concerns that might prevent a buy in to vision - Educate all and upskill and secure funds

Step 6
Implement and Celebrate
Step 7
Don’t let up
Step 8
Keep the positives from the change “on top”

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#3DEducation #Timaru #Change Educational Practice #3D Printing a Lunar Base
It gives us the power to make things that could make a real difference. It puts the power of invention into everyone's hands.
The process becomes a tangible experience. In teaching and Learning children can collaborate and plan trial and error - use many skills and produce an outcome that could be transformational

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PE activities Week 9
On Tuesday we had our first Small Sticks hockey session  Sticks Down!!!  And on Thursday we had an Activator sports session.

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Food Jesus Ate
On Tuesday we tried different foods off a Biblical Menu that Jesus would have eaten everyday. Feta cheese Cheese Butter Bread Honey Almonds Walnuts Dates Figs Died apricots Grapes Olives Look at the photo's and see if we enjoyed this experience!

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Dressing Like Jesus
Junior Hub 1 dressed like Jesus would have done this week.   We tried a Tunic , a Mantle , a Girdle and Sandals.  Everyone agrees that our modern clothes are far more comfortable to wear!!!

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Week 5 Rippa Rugby
We had Rippa Rugby skills with North Otago Rugby on Thursday and Friday this week!  What absolute fun for everyone!
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