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New OONI data reveals the blocking of 13 websites in Thailand across 6 different ISPs, between 6th November 2016 and 27th February 2017. Thai ISPs appear to primarily be implementing censorship through the use of middle boxes (HTTP transparent proxies) which serve block pages.

The blocked sites include:
* News outlets ( and
* Anonymity and censorship circumvention tool sites (e.g.
* Pornography

Since these sites were not found to be blocked across all 16 ISPs where tests were run, service providers in Thailand may be in a position to filter online content at their own discretion.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and the Tor network appear to have been accessible across all tested networks throughout the testing period. Previously blocked sites, such as, were also found to be accessible.

Read the full report:

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+Sony Xperia fixed something with the Android Nougat update for Xperia X Compact and audio. Seems they increased the power output for the headphone.

Tested against high end headphones today and I can clearly tell the difference now in clarity.

Quite a severe bug if you asked me, since they promoting Hi-Res audio and all at launch. At least it's fixed now, and I can actually tell the difference when playing lossless music paired to good pair of headphones at their store.

Tried the new Sony N1AP at the store with my phone headphone jack with FLAC & 24bit music. I still think that Sony's EX450/650 at around RM180/RM300 are much better bang for the buck if you are using your phone as an audio source. Sure it sounds better with a headphone amp, but that's not how most of us listen to music on headphones.

My rule of thumb still applies. Don't spend more than RM300 (USD70) for headphones/IEMs if you are using phone as audio source. Look at RM150-300 range, and try cheaper ones too. If you can't tell the difference, don't waste your money.

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Urban Malaysians really should stop pushing for more facilities for their cars, such as parking spots in residential areas and shops, and wider roads.

You're contributing to policies of inequality and destruction of the environment. Here, and I kid you not, green barrier near park was destroyed, as well as some poor uncle's flower garden on public land to make way for parking lots.

The reason?

A few privileged people complained that it was too tough to walk (or cycle) more than 200m to get to the LRT station, and that they needed more parking lots to take the LRT. I have doubts they even take public transport.

Meanwhile this fellow Malaysian cycles a few kilometers on the same road, to work 12hrs a day to wash cars at minimum wage. Cycling path or walkway here instead of the parking lots would not only make it safer for him and fellow cyclists, but also for the kids and residents of this middle class neighbourhood to get to their local park.

This is what happens when policies are developed and pushed for by privileged people who don't care about the community good, and only themselves.
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Getting better at talking on radio since the first time I was on air 5 or 6 years ago.
BFM Radio Evening Session Podcast featuring Sinar Project

Over the past few years, corruption has had a starring role in almost every discussion about good governance. The call for transparency has never been as loud and as clear as it is today.

One way to keep government and its institutions accountable is through tracking its numbers, either through self-checks, by the public, or external organisations. The latter two checks only work only if the government opened more access to data. Open Data Day is on March 4 this year.

To mark the day, we speak to Khairil Yusof, co-founder of the Sinar Project, about what the project does, why they do it, the stories that numbers and data sets can tell you, and how it helps keep the government accountable.

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There are 23 women out of 169 MPs in parliamentary upper house of Myanmar the Amyotha Hluttaw, showing lack of representation of women in Myanmar's parliament.

With legislative open data by Open Hluttaw and accessed via Popit API/DB at, we can generate live statistics of representatives for public and researchers, as well as generated useful information such as contact lists of Women MPs or charts of gender ratios by party.

Built on this open legislative data, the Open Hluttaw website allows the public to learn more about and access their representatives sitting on the parliamentary committee for Women and Children:

Code examples for charts:

Example of generating spreadsheets and other stats for Open Hluttaw legislative data:

#OpenParl #InternationalWomensDay

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Tried Eastern Airlines and transit at Shanghai International. China reminds me of Malaysia. They build big shiny things, full of pomp and grandeur, but don't understand the concept of quality.

The face masks in case of fire at the airport is a good example. Fire safety is important. Yes, but they only have 4 or so masks every 50m for an air terminal with hundreds of people in transit.

The on board food served has all the standard components of economy class meal, but it's bland, has limited variety so that if you fly within a few days like me, it's exactly same meal on all 4 flights. Even the fruit is just watermelon only. Most airlines will mixed it a little bit at least.

The in-flight magazine, is all in Chinese, but strangely enough has English translations for chairman's speech. Full of grandeur about striving for excellence and bringing China to the world.

They could learn a thing or two, from Japan, the destination country of my trip. It's understanding and appreciating quality in all the little details that matters.

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Python spotted in SS17 yesterday by community. Taken away by Bomba. 

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OpenCL 1.1 at least on my older Radeon with Open Source drivers works now after installation of AMD's OpenCL SDK. Relatively straightforward install now as it's supported on current kernel and drivers on Ubuntu 16.10.

Introductory article to PyOpenCL here:


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Cool. +Sinar Project​ one of the examples on hacking the government by this initiative by comic artists to encourage people to make a difference. 

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Seems that +Sony Xperia​ bumped up the power output for audio with the Nougat update for Xperia X Compact. It can now drive my 63 ohm monitoring headphones just fine at 75% volume without distortion. 
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