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I'm a tiny insignificant defying particle in this infinite universe. Rebel is who I am, Rebel is my name!
I'm a tiny insignificant defying particle in this infinite universe. Rebel is who I am, Rebel is my name!
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Hey south Florida. Any suggestions on what to do or where to go today? Any events? (No calle 8 please lol). Anything nice happening?

#miami #florida #southflorida 

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To all of you who don't know who Beck is and are complaining about him winning the Best Rock Album Grammy, he is the guy who not only write songs (unlike Beyoncé), plays several instruments, is a producer and a real artist, but also wrote a song predicting a Loser named Kanye West.

Now, do this world a favor a kill yourselves. And while you do so, take Kanye West with you.


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Although not surprised we still have an enormous amount of radical extremist religious people who still believe pagans, aka witches, are devil worshippers, I can't help but to be amazed and even a little bothered by it.

I am eclectic pagan, solitary Wiccan to be more precise, and comparing my philosophy and behavior to many of those mainstream religion followers, I am 100% positive they are more evil and more terrorist alike than we pagans are.

Pagans are NOT devil worshippers. To us satan is nothing but an illusion, a creation of men. But this is not what this post is about, it is about an article written on Times magazine.

"So what’s behind today’s renewed obsession with witches? Baker, a history professor at Salem State University, argues that it could have its roots in the post-9/11 panic over terrorism and what could be seen as a Salem-like erosion of civil rights in the name of security — or, more recently, in the revelations that the National Security Agency seems to be spying on ordinary citizens as stealthily as neighbors spied on neighbors in colonial Salem.

Witches, like terrorists, “threaten to wipe out everything you believe in. If they could, they would overthrow your government, overturn your faith, and destroy your society,” Baker writes.

The difference, of course, is that terrorists are real, while witches are not. That wasn’t always an “of course,” however: witches were as real to the colonists as smallpox, and even more dangerous, since there was no limit to the extent and variety of damage they could inflict under Satan’s command. "

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Is not just the fact she is fucking dumb, but what's even worse is that people still support her and vote for her. 

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Amazing artwork

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Kind of disappointed at the venue but there's nothing I can do about it.

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My Front Levers progress.

#fit #fitness #beastmode #workout #gym  

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