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Great to see's video nearing 500,000 views! 

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Thinking of a getaway from the snow? How about Borneo? 

The piece shows an incredible day through Borneo with Intrepid Travel​ guide Mohammed Rahman aka “Rony”. The story gives great insight into an amazing day of travel with Intrepid and also highlights the real heroes of our trips - the local leaders. It also makes me want to visit Borneo!

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Who's in? 


After nine incredible years I’ve decided to leave the ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association). It’s been a truly amazing ride, but it’s time to move on. It was an arduous decision to leave but I’m now very excited to announce my new position as Director of Partnerships at I start there Monday.
A huge and very sincere ‘Thank You’ goes to Shannon and the rest of the ATTA team for allowing me to join them on the ATTA’s fantastic adventure. I’ve learned so much, met so many incredible people, and grown professionally more than I could have imagined.
We are working on a transition plan now that will address all current projects and discussions. Rest assured that all the ATTA partners, media, and tourism boards that I have worked with so closely over the past several years will be well cared for as we are in the process of appointing ATTA staff to assist them moving forward.  My last day with ATTA will be this Friday. 

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One comparative set of statistics stands out. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, about 80% of the money spent on most all-inclusive mass tourism package tours goes to the airlines, hotels, and other international companies (who often have their headquarters in the travellers’ home countries). In fact, of each 100$ spent on holiday by a tourist from a developed country, only around $5 stays in a developing destination’s economy. By comparison, according to ATTA, adventure tour operators estimated that 65.6% of the total trip cost from an adventure package remains in the destination (or destinations) visited. For anyone trying to see where a sustainable future for tourism lies, this free 80 page report should be required reading

The report can be downloaded for free here:

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Off to Ireland soon! 

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Advice to New Dads (and Maybe Some Moms too), Part 1 I have a few friends on the verge of becoming new dads, and I started to
think of what I could tell them, what advice I might share to help them in
their own personal journeys into fatherhood. Me and 'Lil...
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