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Jobs: Why employees will never become rich!

Regardless of what you do and however smart you are, in the traditional workplace your earnings will always have a maximum limit which can’t be exceeded ...

Here we explain simply why some Networkers manage to achieve significant monthly and weekly incomes while these earnings are almost impossible to reach in other professions.
To talk about earnings that can be produced in Network Marketing and explain why it’s possible to achieve this, first we have to talk briefly about the BIG LIMIT which all traditional professions have to endure...


Regardless of what you do and however smart you are, in a traditional type of job your earnings will always have a maximum limit above which you can’t hope to earn.

This upper limit is calculated from the result (consequence) that comes by multiplying the worked hours for the profits per hour. It’s exactly this limit that will never allow you to be rich or wealthy...

Even if You earned the exaggerated quote of 100 euros/hour, you are always forced to reckon (calculate) with the limit of worked hours during the day. You know ... the 24 hour day :)

you will say to yourself, "But that’s all’s the same in all jobs!"

But it's not true!

This statement is not true for entrepreneurs and for those simple people who work in Networking …

Entrepreneurs make leverage on the working hours of their employees to multiply their company income but undergo the so-called business risk which, if badly managed, can also lead them to bankruptcy.
Sherlock nation is a modern day high-tech company or search engine just like google which helps you find the cheapest prices of products or services when shopping on line.The company is helping people save time and money when shopping online.You benefit as a shopper for which you sign up for free or by joining the affiliate programme.
lf you take part in a network the concept of the firm remains the same as that of the entrepreneurs’ but you don’t have employees to pay at the end of the month and you don’t have the business risk.

In other words you start without capital but you can endlessly multiply the hours you have worked!

In Networking our daily working hours can be compared to thousands, even though we know that the day is made up of just 24 hours ...

In Networking the few hours dedicated to transmitting a working system to a new employee, eventually rewards you endlessly because then when working for him/herself, the employee works also for you.

This is the Secret of Network Marketing ...

Be the entrepreneur of yourself and create a Network Online ...

All you do is put your available time and transfer your know-how to the new entry and then you are eventually rewarded with a small percentage of its results. It is like a franchising among people, a Web Franchising!

As happens in business, in a Network we see an extraordinary multiplier effect of your time that eventually creates practically unlimited earnings

However, when the “Internet gurus” tell you that you can make tens of thousands through the internet , it’s not a ruse to entice you because they've made money themselves.They're living proof of how money is made through the internet. All you need to do is simply find out how they've done it and copy their style.
While most companies would promise a huge pay package which in theory they never live to honour ,Sherlock Nation stands out proud and tall shoulders above the rest as the highest paying network company amongst all of them so far with 68% in commissions and bonuses being paid to it's affiliates.

Sherlock Nation pays out $100 for every 2 affiliate sales and payment goes on through infinity, in other words there's no limit as to the number of persons an affiliate can recruit or get paid for recruiting. What's more ,there're cycle, team building and subscription bonuses.lnfact, there are 9 ways of getting paid through Sherlock nation.

Want to join us? Click on the link below and register for free.

Or contact Anthony on whatsapp no +27 7448 19422

Email :

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Another beautiful places in northern Albania also known as: "Land of Eagle". Yeah, it`s true I feel like an eagle...

This place is near the Valbona river, also is a village in the Kukës County, northern Albania. Situated in the valley of the river, south of the mountain "Maja e Thatë". At the 2015 as one of the main settlements of Valbonë Valley National Park, it provides appropriate accommodation for visitors and tourists, mostly in typical alpine houses.

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The proud me
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