Ack, Maven, you're killing me.  Apparently there's something like this:

But for me the opposite.  I have a packged jar pom.xml from which I want to create a .war to allow for a simple sample app to get generated.  But if the .war gets generated (during phase:pacakge) before I install (to my local maven repo), maven decides to copy the .war file to the repo as a .jar and distribute it that way, making it useless to everything else (expecting a genuine .jar).

Which just seems like an odd bug to not fix.  If I change to phase:deploy, it works since the .war wont get generated until after the local install takes place.  But that sort of defeats the purpose of having the .war available to anyone that might want it but not really need to deploy it anywhere.

Anyway, for now, I just leave it as a note to anyone wanting the .war generated to do a manual "mvn war:war" to get it.  Otherwise, since it's a test app for the jar, I've include the tomcat7 plugin so you would just run "mvn tomcat7:run" and not really worry about the war.

Had to make sure to set        <ignorePackaging>true</ignorePackaging> in the tomcat7 section to make it work first though.  Sigh, so many hoops to jump through but I think the pom.xml is finally getting to where I want it to be.
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