So, +Yeoman now configures livereload to look for src="bower_components/..." in the projects root directory instead of in the app/ dir.  Which is fine.  It's actually cleaner since the bower_components dir is no longer in the app dir.

However, yeoman never sets up the rest of Grunt to recognize that bower_components is not being served from app/bower_components so things like usemin's concat ends up looking for bower_compnents in app/ due to the way the HTML is coded.

Configuration is now:

  { generated: 
   { files: 
      [ { dest: '.tmp/concat/scripts/vendor.js',
           [ 'app/bower_components/jquery/dist/jquery.js',

Which of course leads to and empty vendor.js in the dist dir during "grunt build".

Am I missing something or did these recent updated really break something?  I tried to 'npm cache clear' and update and all that to make sure I had the latest of everything but it still seems to persist...

I like the system.  I want it to work... out of the box.  I dont mind learning some of this, but at the same time, I'm at a point where I enjoy technology, just want it to work, so that I can get on with actually building the app.

Any other suggestions on how to clear it up so that it works properly?
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