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UI/UX issues are something that's pretty complicated to do correctly.  Deciding how much information is too much and trying to rely on some amount of trust in common convention and audience segmentation can change how you may need to design something.

Too little information and it becomes convoluted for the user.  Too much information and it still becomes convoluted for the user.  Figuring out how to deliver just the right amount of information to get things done is hard.

Doing that in print is even harder.
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This is really impressive.  Apparently, these are not real watches, but something that's projected.

h/t +Jason Mayes 
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An interesting perspective on Silicon Valley.  Unfortunately, to the outside world, and probably some of those on the inside, Silicon Valley has always been a white boys club.  Sorry to break the news to you SV.
For a long time, I dreamt to work in Silicon Valley. That dream is dead.
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Dear @hiexpress, when there's a price discrepancy between what @expedia charges and what your receipt says, the correct answer is not to ask if I know who checked me out, implying they shouldn't have given me a receipt because I wasn't supposed to know there was a price difference.  Then to state that you never gave me a receipt (when I obviously have it in front of me).  Which further indicates that I really wasn't supposed to get a receipt that showed the price difference.

It brings to question why there is a price discrepancy and who exactly is pocketing the extra funds.  It certainly wasn't me.  Kudos to +Expedia for fixing the situation and refunding the price discrepancy.
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An interesting way to implement security.  Make your URL equivalently your password.
Google Photos is more secure than it looks.
A few days after Google's big Photos rollout, a user on Reddit noticed something fishy. "I was browsing through my photos and wanted to see the full size of an image so I right-clicked," RossFletch...
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This... this is just a strange pairing... with the actors, network, and topic... strange strange strange...
The Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig 'Deadly Adoption' Lifetime movie is happening. Here comes the trailer!

This is stranger even than those Old Milwaukee commercials.
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"The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn't have a space program" - Larry Niven

Otherwise, bird are technically dinosaurs, not descendants of dinosaurs.
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We're still here, so I guess everything went well, but it's always interesting how something so trivially inconsequential to normal people can have the potential to wreak havoc on computer system.

1 second is an eternity.
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While the advice is totally sound, I find the UI/UX experience of +Imgur to be extremely difficult and unsatisfactory.  And I don't mean that it's minimalistic in the same way that Craiglist is minimalistic.  Craigslist is actually functionally minimalitics.  It works well.  Reddit does it too, albeit just as a merely passable experience (you could use some work too +reddit).  Imgur does not do it well, at all.

Imgur seems to have a rather convoluted process of albums and images and sharing and organization, even stats keeping and other common functionality issues that really seem like they've stemmed from different old systems slapped together or taken old concepts and evolved them over and over again with each iteration losing touch with UI/UX and with other aspects of what an image sharing site is supposed to be about.

It's popular, but only because it's big.  I'm afraid if this were a concept starting up now, the design/user experience would send it to its grave.
Every interface can be made simpler. One useful technique is to have a separate meeting focused just on cutting and simp…
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robi b
So many things on there that just feel... uncomfortable.
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I do like the backup system so long as it "just works".  The less I have to think about it, the better.  Now to deal with the decades of photos on my local system...
This article gets at the heart of what we're trying to do with the new Google Photos. I disagree on the part about Google+'s failure, but that's a separate topic. :)
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Or to simply say if a image quality qualifies it for "high quality", use that, otherwise, use "original quality".
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+Newt Gingrich reviews the Apple Watch.  Seems to be on target with most other reviews (works well in some cases, miss with others, needs moar battery).  I wonder if he'll try an Android Wear based watch as well just to compare?
Newt Gingrich takes the Apple Watch to Washington.
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A quick index to Microsoft's E3 presentation.  Blah blah blah something something 3 and something something 5 and something something 4....

Then.  Minecraft + HoloLens

Wow.  Jump straight to it:

Although Ashen and Recore look interesting too.
08:52 start
09:08 Jump ahead
11:00 Bonnie Ross - 343 Industries
12:28 Halo 5 Guardians
18:46 Josh Holmes - 343 Industries
19:28 Halo 5 - Warzone Multiplayer
20:39 recore

23:29 Phil Spencer
25:18 Backward Compatibility
26:08 Mike Ybarra @XboxQwik
28:31 Elite controller

29:57 Todd Howard - Bethesda
30:59 Fallout4
32:17 PC mods for Fallout4 on XO

32:59 Peter Moore - Electronic Farts
36:35 Plants vs Zombies GW2 - CGI Trailer

39:45 Henry Ford III & Dan Greenawalt - Turn 10 Studios
40:17 Forza 6 - Trailer

41:59 Dark Souls III

44:15 The Division
46:23 Lauren Detoc - Ubisoft
48:30 Rainbow Six Siege
49:51 Gigantic

51:25 mix of indie games ID@Xbox
52:53 Chris Charla
53:30 Steve Gaynor - Fullbright
54:02 Tacoma - gameplay trailer
54:57 Derek Bradley - Aurora44
55:23 Ashen - gameplay trailer
56:55 Sherida Halatoe - tiger & squid
57:28 Beyond Eyes - gameplay trailer
58:11 Chad & Jared Moldenhauer - Studio MDHR
58:51 Cuphead - gameplay trailer

59:52 Chris Charla - Xbox Game Preview
1:01:50 Dean Hall
1:02:51 Ion - teaser

1:04:02 Brian Horton - Crystal Dynamics
1:04:19 Rise of The Tomb Raider - gameplay

1:10:41 Rare Replay
1:12:25 Craig Duncan - Rare
1:13:30 Sea of Thieves - gameplay

1:15:48 Fable Legends - trailer

1:17:31 Kudo Tsunoda - Microsoft Studios
1:18:13 Valve VR

1:19:00 MS HoloLens
1:19:57 Lydia Winters - Mojang
1:21:13 Saxs Persson - Microsoft Studios
1:22:12 Minecraft on HoloLens

1:25:49 Rod Fergusson - Epic - Gears of War Ultimate Edition
1:26:45 Gears4

1:33:25 Phil Spencer @XboxP3
1:36:00 Game footage compilation
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