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services enabler + software engineer + community advocate + hackday enthusiast
services enabler + software engineer + community advocate + hackday enthusiast
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Congrats Opera Neon, you seem to be the only other browser that can access Google's new Meet web app. No go for Firefox or Safari...

webpack, you confound me... maybe I want you to be just a little more opinionated about how to do things.

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This is an interesting look at the growth of different industries over time, in a bubble chart format. Easy to clearly see the influences.

I'm surprised the author simply states the oil industry as being consistently dominant when there was a severe dip in the 90's. That was certainly a time when we could have taken advantage to change to different forms of power. But now that opportunity has been missed unfortunately.

I'm also surprised the computer industry isn't larger... though I guess they mean manufacturing of computers? Not the IT industry, which is strangely missing.

And no, manufacturing jobs are not coming back. They probably cant be brought back. Which means they shouldn't be forced back. No matter what someone promises or how "great" it is. And if you think they are coming back, you're believing a great lie from a great liar.

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While I understand the reason why something like was created, I cant help but think that the overly sub-atomic granularity of the library is simply replacing what we would otherwise use as a property directly in CSS with a property specified in tachyons.

This now means we end up writing verbose, atomic code using minute, non changing statics which doesn't really help with any type of abstraction (ie. I want to change the "alert" color from red to blue) and it doesn't ease writing complex CSS (like a card) since you're defining every aspect of it anyway.

Maybe I'm missing the point somehow...

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Oh look, maybe I can draw a little too. I remember the training exercises that were available a while ago. I'm guessing this is the fruition of that.

Thanks @intelliJ for the Find in Path update, it's actually usable now.

People really do use Safari as an everyday browser? Maybe I can understand typical consumers, but developers? And worse yet, as their primary dev environment?

I guess I can understand if their clients are primarily on Safari, but still...

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So with a new project (or for me, upgrading an old project), what's the current preference in JS languages? (and comment why!)

And what do you do to get those compiled down to "normal" JS? Use a bundler, have a plugin directly in your IDE?
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Something else (what?)

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I'm going to post this here as well since node.js and bundlers really go hand in hand.

Trying to wrap my head around all this bundling business...
Wow, these bundlers... webpack, fusebox, rollup... life is pretty complicated to get them setup nicely.

What's your strategy to create one, especially for an existing project that you want to start leveraging a bundler with?

Does yeoman have anything specific for just walking you through a webpack configuration?

Be sure to add a comment with a link to how you get things done/built/configured!
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By hand, from scratch
Use a cli tool (yeoman, vue-cli, etc)
Copy a good sample (comment with link!)
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