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So much for +Obihai Technology, Inc..  With Google Voice withdrawing support for XMPP, my Obihai device is no longer compatible with Google Voice as of May 15.  Which means no more land line phones ringing.  I guess I'll just have to rely on the forward to my cell or to hangouts.

That's rather unfortunate, as I was pretty satisfied with the integration.  So much so I would have been willing to get a few devices for family to keep them connected, but when something pretty disruptive happens like this, I'm not sure I can rely on it well enough to not end up being the support central when services terminate.

Oh well, it was working well while it lasted.
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robi b

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Nice to see this coming closer and closer to reality with such a definite timeline (next year or bust apparently).
The night before Google's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) division was supposed to show off the one and only functional Project Ara prototype to
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So, the heartbleed exploit reality is somewhat real, as cloudfare thinks at least.  Initially, there was a stance that the server's key's wont really be found in memory of the affected server, but their heartbleed challenge has been solved.

Albeit, perhaps in 2 of the 4 it may have been caught right after a server reboot, in which case the key is pretty much the "only" thing in memory, but there seem to have been 2 other times the key was returned successfully as well.

But, what's more interesting, is that they revoked their certificate, but browsers, especially Chrome, still allow unfettered access to the site.  That's because Chrome's SSL revocation is not turned on by default, mainly due to the extra latency and traffic it will cause.

It's an interesting turn of events as in essence, Chrome users who visit hijacked sites that have had their certificates revoked will not get a warning about that... which is essentially missing the whole point as to why we want valid certificates (and yes, proper encryption too).

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+Jim Armstrong that doesn't say how to enable google chrome's cert checks on android. AFAIK it's not possible. 
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Moving from image based icons to font based ones.  Ran across +IcoMoon and it's doing a nice job of giving me access to some informative icons.

You can choose to download the icons as png, svg, sprites, or fonts.  And if you're really willing, apparently you can edit and create your own.

Pretty nifty for a free app.  The paid version lets you host the resulting font files and styles on their servers so that you dont have to modify code on your side and can just link to your updated files.  But for now, I don't mind the extra work.
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robi b

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This seems like a great idea for bikes.  There are quite a lot of hassles trying to navigate through busy intersections.

What's even worse are roundabouts.  They're downright dangerous for bike use.

h/t +Ilya Grigorik 
A very cool concept for bike lanes.
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And it's getting closer to reality.
Google Releases First Developer Resources For Project Ara, Its Modular Smartphone
Google's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group has released a Module Developers Kit (MDK) for Project Ara, its forthcoming modular smartphone,..
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Well, this is both interesting and disconcerting.

h/t/ +Raja Mitra 
This is what a single drop of sea water looks like when magnified.
Photo by David Liittschwager

Dans une goutte d'eau de mer, il y a tout ça...
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And you thought it was the salt that kills you.
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While this is posted as a hiring guide, there are some interesting Javascript tidbits written up by +Toptal, LLC .  Some certainly are interesting to know, others are a touch on the tricks rather than nuances side of Javascript.
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robi b

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I had a near experience with this myself.  Was stopped in NYC's chinatown at a hydrant biding some time waiting for people.

In comes a fire truck, parks itself right in the road next to me and blocks any hope of getting the car out.

Although there was actually smoke coming from the building across the street, luckily they didn't have to use the hose.

They told me to get out of the car and wait on the sidewalk, presumably to get me out of the way if they had to indeed plug in their hose (and punch through my windows).  Had a brief exchange with the police officers who showed up about what constitutes "stopped" vs "parked" but luckily, no ticket. :).

h/t +Ed Chi 
No matter how nice and new your car is – you still can't park next to a fire hydrant. Just ask this BMW owner:
The friend of a driver who had his car windows smashed out by firefighters in East Boston on Wednesday evening says the vehicle was only two days old.
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robi b
The police forced me to step out :). Entrapment!

Otherwise I was in the car, ready to go, albeit the engine wasn't running, hence probably I was "parked" more than "stopped" :P.

Either way, they seemed disinterested to even bother to give me a ticket, so fine by me.
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robi b

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And with every exploit, must come a challenge.
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Creepy. They revoked the cert but google chrome didn't notice. Firefox did.
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