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David Russell
Family and Web Design and Health / Fitness and Bass Fishing...that's what I do.
Family and Web Design and Health / Fitness and Bass Fishing...that's what I do.

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I FINALLY got my double digit fish...

"Then all of sudden my line started moving to the side and I could feel it pulling REALLY hard and start fighting. The fish came to the top and made a really big splash but didn’t clear the water and I yelled “Dad…get the net” knowing this was a big fish."

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I finally got my double digit fish... 

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Got a nice warm day today here in Texas and had some fun fishing :)

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6 Reasons Why You Need an Updated Website To Make Sales

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Some of our latest website design site launches.

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Happy New Years Eve...I got out today with a good friend and fishing guide from and caught about 20 fish. Here is my largest of the day - 6.7LB. If you are looking for a great bass fishing guide for Lake Fork, Lake Monticello, Lake Welch or Lake Holbrook in East Texas be sure to give him a call.

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Why I LOVE Push-ups and Why You Should Too

Push-ups are one of my favorite workout exercises.

I enjoy working out and staying in shape but I don’t always have time to put in a full workout. However, as with many “body weight” exercises, push-ups are something I can do when I am short on time. I can do them as a quick workout in the morning or throughout the day.

A great thing about push-ups is they can be performed no matter where I am, and best of all, they are completely free – no expensive equipment or annual gym fees required! Just me and the floor!!!

What Muscles Do Push Ups Work?

Push-ups are one of the basic and most common exercises for the your body. They are not only great for your chest, but they work your arms (triceps and forearms), lower back, abs, quads and calves. They work the intercostal muscles covering your ribs and if you do enough of them and breathe in and out explosively as you do them they even work your lungs which means they become an aerobic exercise that also works your cardiovascular and aerobic systems.

What more can you ask for from a single basic exercise?

I highly recommend that you start doing push-ups if you are not already. Or start adding more push-ups to your workout routine.

What if you can’t even do one push-up…where do you start?

In the beginning push-ups can be hard. If you try to do a push-up and can’t then you can start with counter or wall push-ups (leaning against a counter or wall) or knee push-ups (starting on your knees). You work the same muscles while leaning against the counter or wall or on your knees but you place less weight on them. So with each one you simply become stronger. Then you can work your way up to regular push-ups.

Remember: Strength comes with repetition. The more you do, the stronger you get and the easier it all becomes.

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