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Colin McComb
Game designer, writer, raconteur, word... guy?
Game designer, writer, raconteur, word... guy?


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The artists of my company have created some assets for your Unity game. Have some!

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This is a super-neat representation of Earth as the Ninth World.
Okay, here's the final version of the Ninth World from space. Now with better lighting, higher resolution and the frozen south is now frozen again! Credit once again goes to +Ryan Chaddock and +Katherine Gohring for the original map, and Smattila on Deviantart for the starfield!
#NinthWorldKS   #Numenera   #IntoTheNight  

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Several things I would like to say:
- I can fly it with my feet. With my shoes on.
- And Darth Vader was like, "Whaaaaaaaaat?"

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I haven't had a chance to watch the whole thing yet, but just the short bit I did... oh, memories.

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Here's a little something we've cooked up over at +3lbgames.
New from 3lb Games - it’s Flipping Fish !! It's a fish frenzy! Clear the levels in record time to beat your friends, or while away some time with the Endless Mode, tapping the fish to send them flying! But you'll need to be careful and quick to avoid Spike the Pufferfish, and you'll need quick reflexes to get Wattson the Eel before he electrifies you. Just remember: when fish go flying, sharks will investigate the commotion!

Apple app (iOS)!/id939263224?mt=8&uo=4    and the Android :   

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I can attest that +Scott Fitzgerald Gray is a good writer, and that you should buy his work. More importantly, you should be supporting teachers in general. 
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So, this is a bit of a personal thing.

I know that everyone on my far-flung friends list stays totally on top of British Columbia's political affairs, but for those few who need the update — we’re in the middle of a teachers’ strike here. It’s a nasty strike, driven by our provincial premier’s hate-on for our education system and her love of tearing up public-sector union contracts. (For my American associates, that’s her in my profile picture; think Wisconsin governor Scott Walker in drag.)

This strike is affecting me on a personal level because my wife is a teacher (and an amazing one, though that’s beside the point), and I know how much it hurts her to not be in her classroom for the start of school for the first time in twenty-seven years. The strike is also affecting me on a personal level because our household income is taking a hit as a result of my wife and teachers across BC standing up for our education system and the kids it serves. We’re not in any kind of trouble yet, and my own work continues to go well, and as a full-time self-employed creative type, I have a longstanding and prosperous relationship with our line of credit. But given that I prefer to avoid trouble before it happens whenever possible, I’m looking to keep my own side of the household income as robust as I can.

The reason I’m bringing this up is that in addition to the RPG work that I think most people getting this message know me for, I write books. They’re good books, or so I’ve been told by those who read them. They’re fantasy and SF, and are available in all sorts of places, and if you had any inclination to check them out, now would be a most awesome time. 

I should probably add that the best superpower is Sharks for Arms, which is coincidentally also the name of the project +robin Moulder is working on.

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Well, this seems like a good idea.
Does Sen Thad Cochran's primary victory in Mississippi - in which he sought and received major support from block democrats - a harbinger that my idea how to defeat gerrymandering is finally coming true?

Every minority person in the South and Texas should re-register as a Republican. Now.  Indeed, the logic works in reverse, in crazy-left places like Chicago.
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