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Holiday Snaps! - Photography 8
Back from a week away, eaten so much food and too much alcohol consumed in one week. But it was a brilliant weekend. Such a lovely place, so peaceful and chilled out way too much. We was in a villa  in Andalusia - Spain and it was literally in the middle of...

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Getting ready for the holiday - Bikini Ready?
Am i bikini ready? Good question…….. I’m
as good as i can be for myself.  I feel more comfortable with my recent physic
than I have done before. I think the thing of for me at the moment is, everyone
can react to different things and it seems for me when I ...

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More Opportunities have arrived! Photography - New Learnings
So i realised i haven't made a post for over than a week! Oops,
BUT there is a reason for that...... Photography has taken over!! I have since
been to three events and it’s been crazy!! I
love it !! To me one of the best feelings is that people are starting...

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Get Outdoors! Bolton Abbey Walk - Photography 7
First time going to Bolton Abbey and i absolutely loved it. its such a gorgeous place. I'm glad i took the camera, eery photo turned out so well and so bright with all the greenery.  We got to a point where there is a cafe probably 45 mins into walk and we ...

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Ways that help me with Negativity and Depression
People have bad days, bad days can get into bad weeks, i know some
find it easier to get over situations than others, i feel that people find ways
to cope more than others, i have found a few things that have helped me out
over the years and i wanted to sha...

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Purchases from Bodypower
Why is it when you get new clothes you, you need to put them on all at the same time. Well, yes that was me the day after Bodypower. I needed to wear all gym clothing! Ha, the past year, i have fallen more in love with gym wear than ever. they are so comfor...

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Negativity, Stressed, Depressed.... Trying to overcome this myself...
I feel I'm always around negativity and in negative situations and when i try to run away from it, it always comes back to bite me. I know at most times i am my worst enemy. There have been moments when people have put me down and made me feel really crap a...

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2016 Bodypower - Was Awesome!!!
Bodypower Day finally arrived........ It was such a good day! My feet were killing afterwards..... and after checking on my Fitbit i did over 7500 steps whilst i was there, so that was a winner (should have done a few more laps to reach 10K) After stood up ...

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BodyPower - Ready for tomorrow
It has finally come to that time of year again! Bodypower is
back tomorrow! Reminisce of last year’s Bodypower, it was our first
year so we didn’t know what to expect, it was pretty much a new experience for us. This year
we have prepped – well sort of! I h...

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Favourite workout routine for March!!!
At this moment in time i am currently
drinking a big pot of peppermint tea whilst cooking my chicken for the next few
days.... Multi-task - i can do   sometimes .....
only sometimes So as a favourites post i have chosen
favourite workout for March!! ***Drum...
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